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Updated April 19, 2023

Looking for the best hardwood floor brand around? You’re not alone. Finding the right hardwood flooring company to buy from is an annoying process, and it’s a step that most people don’t even think about when they start their floor buying journey.

We get it. After spending weeks comparing tile vs. laminate, looking into different types of wood flooring, and adding up the cost to replace carpet with hardwood, you’re finally at the point where you’re ready to actually buy your new wood floors… only to realize there are too many brands to choose from.

So how do you know which hardwood floors brands are the best? Which brands are known for quality, and which brands are known for cheap schlock? Which brands make the best cork flooring? Which ones make the best engineered wood flooring? Which ones sell formaldehyde-laced Chinese products that you should never even consider buying (*cough*)?

Well friend, we’re here to answer all of those questions and more. Below, we’re going to give you an honest look at the top 15 hardwood floor brands out there, from the big guys to the mom-and-pop shops. We’re going to talk about their products, their specialties, and their reviews. Basically, we’re going to help you find the best hardwood floor brand for you.

#1: Doma

Gray Doma hardwood floors in a living room next to a console table
Doma Sophisticated Timbers in Coast Wind | Courtesy of Doma

Doma does something very few other hardwood flooring brands can: they offer both engineered and solid hardwood flooring. That alone might be enough to earn them a place on this list, but let’s look at what else makes them worthy of the top spot.

For starters, Doma is a style-focused brand—their website claims that their products are “Where Fashion Meets Flooring”, and we tend to agree. They offer an impressive selection of hardwood species and wood floor colors, with bold dark woods, vibrant light wood flooring, and even muted grays that are so hot right now.

On to the specs: Doma offers a wide variety of hardwood looks too. Most of their solid wood flooring comes in a classic narrow plank look, while the majority of their engineered wood flooring is sold as wide plank wood flooring. But they also offer “long-strip” engineered hardwood, which uses 3 thin veneer strips on top of a long engineered plank to create the narrow strip look of a solid wood floor.

Combine all of this with the fact that Doma doesn’t appear to sacrifice on performance or durability, and you’re looking at the #1 hardwood flooring brand!

Their floors can be tricky to find, but their website allows you to find a retailer near you—we recommend checking them out!

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#2: Proximity Mills

Proximity Mills Everlasting in Milton | Courtesy of Proximity Mills

Proximity Mills topped our list of the best vinyl plank flooring brands, and they’re one the best hardwood brands around, too.

With Proximity Mills, durability is the name of the game. They exclusively sell high-performance engineered hardwood, all of which is either:

  1. Completely waterproof, with total water resistance for up to 72 hours.
  2. High-density, which uses some of the most durable hardwood species to provide extreme dent resistance.

On top of that, Proximity Mills floors are gorgeous. Their wood veneers use flat-sawn slices of wood (rather than rotary-peeled, which is the cheaper, more common technique) to give their planks the traditional character we love to see in a hardwood floor. And not to mention, it makes Proximity Mills veneer layers denser and (you guessed it) more durable!

If you’re interested, check out the Proximity Mills website to find a retailer.

#3: Paradiso

Paradiso Belmont Hills Hardwood in Highland | Courtesy of Paradiso

Paradiso is a luxury flooring brand, focusing on providing “innovation, quality, and attention to detail”. 

All Paradiso hardwood offerings are engineered, and they come in 9/16” or 5/8″-thick planks—incredibly sturdy compared to the 3/8″-thick planks that most hardwood flooring brands offer.

The veneer layers are made with flat-sawn planks (which, again, gives hardwood that extra character and durability).

But instead of staining the top of their veneers with a surface-only solution, Paradiso uses special thermal coloration techniques that makes the veneer layer the same color throughout. Because of this color consistency, any deep scratches or gouges will not be noticeable (if at all).

Finally, the majority of Paradiso’s hardwood lines use a natural oil finish (as opposed to the modern polyurethane coating). This gives you that real wood feel underfoot—plus, oil-finished floors don’t need to be refinished as often as modern polyurethane-finished floors. With an occasional oil treatment and proper care, oil-finished floors can last a literal lifetime.

The fact that this is a luxury brand means it isn’t quite as accessible as some of the higher brands on this list, but it’s absolutely one of the best hardwood flooring brands around. Visit the Paradiso website to find a retailer!

#4. Newton

Newton is focused on value, and their products tend to deliver—they’re one of the most budget-friendly brands on this list. But what separates Newton from other budget brands is their commitment to providing quality floors at a low price point.

Newton’s website shows that all of their 40+ engineered wood products are sourced in the USA, and are all sustainable wood flooring harvested in compliance with the Lacey Act.  

Newton might not offer all the bells and whistles of some of the other best hardwood flooring brands (they don’t carry waterproof hardwood flooring, for example), but they do offer budget-friendly floors that are excellently constructed. Seriously, some competitors offer almost the exact same floors at almost double the price.

It’s safe to say we recommend Newton as one of the best budget flooring brands around—check out their website to find a retailer.

#5: Shaw Floors

Shaw is another heavy-hitter in the flooring industry and another one of the best hardwood floor brands around.

Within Shaw’s different collections, you can choose from tons of tree species—maple, oak, pine, and birch, just to name a few. And best of all, Shaw products have tons of textured finishes to choose from—smooth, subtle scraped, heavy scraped, wire-brushed, or distressed. So whether you want a modern look or an old-colonial feel, Shaw has you covered.

Shaw is also an industry leader in hardwood floor alternatives like laminate (which you can read up on in our article What Is Laminate Flooring) and wood-look ceramic tile. Basically, it’s a one-stop-shop for all types of flooring.

Review-wise, it’s in the same boat as Mohawk—an industry leader with a reputation to match.

#6: Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is a New Hampshire-based company that’s been in business for 50 years—and it’s the opposite of the big companies we mentioned above. Which is to say, it’s one of the best hardwood floor brands if you want small-batch, hand-crafted wood floors.

Their beautiful, artisan floors were inspired by carriage houses, hence their specialty, which is—drum roll please—wide plank floors.

How lovely are Carlisle’s surfaces? Well, Carlisle’s wide plank oak flooring was recently featured in The New York Times. In fact, when it comes to the best hardwood floors, you may need to look no further. Carlisle really rolls out the red carpet for anyone looking for solid or engineered wood flooring. And predictably, their reviews are excellent.

#7: Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Bruce has bragging rights when it comes to longevity. The company got its start all the way back in 1884, in Pennsylvania (where it’s still headquartered today). 

If you’re still debating between getting a laminate vs. hardwood floor, you’re in luck—you can get either with Bruce. But if you’re dead-set on buying hardwood floors (and if you are, we don’t blame you), you might not need to look any further. Hardwood is Bruce’s specialty.  

That said, you don’t have as many choices with Bruce as with some other companies. For some, though, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, we’d rather eat at a restaurant that does 10 things really well than a restaurant that does 50 things really badly. We’re looking at you, NYC diners.

What are the other options, you ask? You have a variety of colors to choose from, as well as distinctive finished looks: traditional, hand scraped, or distressed. You are a bit limited with the plank width—3”–5” are your options with solid hardwood flooring, and engineered wood flooring is available up to 6 ½”.

It’s worth noting, however, that while most customers have had nothing but good things to say about Bruce products, there are some who have had bad luck with the company—so make sure to ask your local flooring retailer what they think. They’re the real experts, after all. 

#8: Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong is a household name when it comes to flooring options—probably because they’ve been around for a century and a half (seriously). And, like the other big names, they also have a jillion products. It’s a thing. 

When it comes to wood floors, Armstrong offers endless possibilities, whether you’re looking for fake wood flooring or the genuine article. When it comes to different wood flooring types, Armstrong has got you covered. Seriously—if you’re the type of person who gets overwhelmed when there are too many options, Armstrong may not be the company for you. They boast a whopping 256 solid hardwood options and 156 engineered wood products.

The website is loaded with information from where the products are made, installation considerations, maintaining new floors, and warranty info. Like all big companies who have been around forever, their reviews are good, if somewhat mixed. It’s the price of longevity.

#9: Hearne Hardwoods

Hearne Hardwoods is a fairly young company compared to some others, having been founded in 1997. But don’t let its relatively young age fool you. This family-owned, Pennsylvania-based company has a ton of amazing wood flooring options, many of which are exotic. If you’re looking for something unique, Hearne Hardwoods might be the best hardwood floor brand for you.

Seriously, if you want one of a kind flooring that will make your guests’ jaws drop like Wile E. Coyote off a cliff, check out the Hearne Hardwoods website. Their products are on the higher end of the wood flooring cost spectrum, but you know the old saying—you get what you pay for. And if Hearne Hardwoods’ rave reviews are anything to go by, their products are more than worth it.

#10: K.D. Woods Company

This young company is quite unique in its process. K.D. Woods Company’s flooring products are specific to reclaimed barn wood and “new hardwood flooring”—that’s locally harvested from dead trees in the Pennsylvania area. Can you say eco-friendly?

This company is a good fit if you’re into green, sustainable products. Using reclaimed wood reduces stress on the forestry industry and K.D. Woods Company refuses to use finishes with VOCs.

Looking for a company that gives you the royal treatment and provides a unique, quality product? Look no further.

You may be wondering how many types of wood flooring you’ll find with such a niche flooring company. But honestly? We found a LOT. They offer oak, hickory, maple, and pine just to name a few. They also produce flooring in wide planks and squares. In addition, you can find solid and engineered options.

And like Hearne Hardwoods, K.D. Woods’ rave reviews show that the best hardwood floor brands aren’t limited to big companies.

#11: Mercier Wood Flooring

This Canadian company isn’t as well-known as some of the others listed here. But it made this list because of the impressive selection they offer. Mercier is known for its wide plank options that are sure to increase the value of your home—if you can part with the gorgeous floors, that is.

And since hardwood flooring is basically all the company does, Mercier offers pretty much anything you could want in solid or engineered varieties. Have your cake and eat it too—Mercier has it all. And even more importantly, Mercier is a GreenGuard company that manufactures quality, eco-friendly, and sustainable products. 

#12: Lauzon

Lauzon is another Canadian company that’s been distributing across the U.S. for the past 30 years or so. Lauzon offers some of the most durable wood flooring options around, and they’re unlike anything you’ve seen. It isn’t your average run of the mill stuff (pun intended).

What do we mean by that? Well, Lauzon offers floors that actually purify the air in your home. Their website claims it’s like having 3 trees inside your house. That’s… pretty amazing, if you ask us. 

Plus, like the last few hardwood floor brands we mentioned, Lauzon is environmentally conscious and takes pride in making floors without the use of harmful chemicals. Their products are VOC-free, Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified, and Lacey Act-compliant.

Lauzon even boasts that the construction of their engineered flooring is flexible enough to be installed over slightly uneven subflooring (what is subflooring, you ask?) That kind of ruggedness is almost unheard of and great for do-it-yourself flooring projects—one of the biggest disadvantages of floating floors has to do with subfloor considerations. 

Lauzon really makes amazing products. And of course, there are tons of options to choose from.

#13: Mannington Mills

Iberian Hazelwood Hardwood Floor from Mannington Brand
Iberian Hazelwood from Mannington

For over 100 years, this New Jersey-based company has been producing high-quality products at different price points. Their website shows that they are committed to producing durable wood flooring that’s eco-friendly and that don’t contain VOCs.

Mannington only produces engineered wood flooring. According to their website, Mannington’s engineered wood flooring is the way to go because it is allergy-friendly, easy to install, and better for forests. Seriously, if you’re looking for engineered wood, Mannington might be the best hardwood floor brand for your needs.

As for their flooring options, this company delivers. You can choose from two main collections: Handcrafted and American Classics. Each collection offers several choices form wood species, a variety of colors, just about any shade you can think of (and even some herringbone options).

#14: Kahrs

Want to talk about pedigree? Look no further—Kahrs has been around since the mid-19th century! This Swedish company is known for producing high-quality engineered flooring with a top-notch click-together flooring system. 

Kahrs offers tons of choices in a variety of species: ash, beech, cherry, maple, and oak, for starters. Plus, the company offers amazing features like beveled, hand scraped, and saw-marked finishes.  

Like the previous couple of brands we mentioned, Kahrs focuses on sustainability and eco-friendliness; if your best hardwood floor brand has to be green, Kahrs might be a great choice.

And on the subject of choice: is your style hip and trendy with a touch of luxury? Perhaps you’re thinking about installing a cool wood floor design in your house? Well, friend, Kahrs just might be your thing—they offer a variety of palazzo and chevron patterns. And according to their reviews, their products are high-quality across the board.

#15: Mirage Hardwood Flooring

Mirage Hardwood Flooring is a Canadian company that got its start back in the ‘80s, and it’s a company that the eco-minded consumer can really get behind. Mirage is proud to promote wood flooring options that are based on recycling, preservation, and reducing consumption. 

Not only is Mirage a green company with sustainable forestry practices at the forefront of their mission—they also care for their employees and give back to the community.

Mirage offers a ton of options (sorry//not sorry if we say that too much). In this case, it’s absolutely true. There are nine collections to choose from and each collection has… you guessed it—tons of options.

From engineered to solid to unusual parquet patterns like fence, brick, herringbone, and basket, your dream can be realized with Mirage wood flooring. And, they offer up to four free samples. #MicDrop

Conclusion: what’s the best hardwood flooring brand? 

Let’s face it. Even if you know how to replace flooring and you’ve got the tools to prove it, actually finding the best hardwood flooring brand is a daunting task. 

So: what’s the best hardwood flooring brand? That depends on you. What are you looking for in your wood floors? What’s your price range? What are the qualities that are important to you? Ask yourself these questions—armed with the info above, you’ll be able to make an excellent choice. 

Now, find a local flooring store to get the process started! And for more information on all things flooring from how to install wood floors to learning about all types of tile, read up on:

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