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The 16 Best Engineered Wood Flooring Brands

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Updated October 19, 2021

Looking for the best engineered wood flooring brands? We get it. 

Tile flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, hemp flooring—until you need a new floor in your home, you may never realize exactly how many types of flooring exist. And more than that, how many flooring brands exist!

But don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Below, we’re going to take a deep dive into everything you need to know about the best engineered wood flooring brands. 

Read on to learn all about engineered wood flooring: why and where you should consider installing it, how to choose the best engineered wood flooring products, and how it compares to other flooring options. 

And of course, we’ll show you our picks for the 16 best engineered wood flooring brands out there!                                                                                                                      

Table of Contents

First of All: What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

We’re sure you know this already, but just in case, we want to be sure.

There are two main types of wood flooring: solid wood and engineered wood. Engineered wood is often underestimated—but contrary to popular belief, it is real wood flooring. Like solid hardwood, it is 100% wood all the way through. No fake wood flooring here!

Engineered wood flooring is exactly what its name implies: a solid wood veneer over layers of high-strength plywood or OSB (oriented-strand board). 

What Are the Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring?

Long Plank Engineered Wood Flooring from USFloors Brand
Engineered wood, courtesy of USFloors

When comparing engineered wood to solid wood, you’ll find a lot of advantages. 

Engineered Wood Can Be Cheaper than Solid Wood

If you have champagne tastes but a beer budget (don’t we all), you will be delighted by the prices of many of the best engineered wood flooring brands. 

This is especially true when you’re looking into more expensive or exotic hardwood species. Why? Because engineered wood only needs a small amount of that expensive wood for the veneer! Solid wood needs a whole chunk of it.

Is rich, dark ebony flooring (or at least ebony-stained flooring) your ultimate dream? An engineered wood version can make it possible.

Engineered Hardwood Can Go Where Solid Hardwood Can’t

Thanks to its high-strength base layers, engineered wood is less susceptible to swelling and warping from heat and moisture. 

This makes engineered wood a better choice for areas that might be damp, such as kitchens or basements. Plus, engineered wood can be installed directly on top of concrete subfloors!

If you’ve been looking into teak flooring pros and cons because you need water-resistant wood flooring for your guest bathroom, rest easy. The best engineered wood flooring brands can do the job just as well, if not better.

The Best Engineered Wood Flooring Brands Offer Endless Options

Engineered floors increase your hardwood options like crazy. Many of the best engineered wood flooring brands offer dozens—if not hundreds—of selections. 

Did you know that you can even buy engineered bamboo? It’s true—check out the pros and cons of engineered bamboo flooring to learn all about it. How about engineered cork? That’s right—engineered options give you all the perks and none of the disadvantages of cork flooring

Engineered Wood Can Be More Sustainable Than Solid Wood

It takes hardwood trees like oak decades to grow to maturity. But softwood trees—like the ones used to create the plywood and OSB used in the base layer of all the best engineered wood flooring brands—grow much more quickly.

This makes engineered hardwood an even more sustainable wood flooring option than solid wood. So if you’re looking for eco-friendly flooring, it’s a solid choice.

It Can Be Easier (and Cheaper) to Install, Too

Solid wood usually needs to be nailed, stapled, or glued down. But many of the best engineered wood flooring brands offer floating products as well. 

What is a floating floor? It’s a floor that snaps together and “floats” above the subfloor. The planks fit tightly together, like a jigsaw puzzle—only without all the guesswork. 

While there are some disadvantages of floating floors, they’re easier and cheaper to install than nail-down or glue-down floors. We’d also recommend learning about what subflooring is so you can weigh your options a bit better.

What Are the Disadvantages of Engineered Wood Flooring?

For all the perks that it offers, it is important to recognize some engineered wood disadvantages too. Although to be honest, there aren’t many of them.

Refinishing Can Be an Issue

Solid hardwood floors can be refinished over and over again. Engineered wood floors may also be refinished, but there is a limit to how many times. 

If the floor has a thick veneer layer, it can be refinished a few times. If the veneer layer is too thin, you will be lucky if you can refinish it even once or twice. We’ll get into exactly how thick that veneer layer should be in a little bit.

Just remember: refinishing is different than resurfacing. We’ll explain the difference (and why it matters) further down.

If You Don’t Buy From One of the Best Engineered Wood Flooring Brands, You Could Have Issues Down the Road

It’s important to choose your engineered wood flooring brand wisely. 

Some lesser brands may not make high-quality products. This will cause problems down the road, such as warping or layers coming unglued from each other. And if you have a floating floor, it can be difficult to replace damaged planks. To get to it, you have to disturb all the planks from the edge of the room until you get to that one troublesome spot. That’s one tall project! 

Solution: buy from one of the best engineered wood floor brands below.

Low-Quality Engineered Wood Can Off-Gas VOCs

Again: this isn’t much of a problem if you buy from one of the best engineered wood floor brands, but it is worth mentioning.

Low-quality engineered wood can use low-quality adhesives to join the veneer and base layers. And low-quality adhesives can off-gas VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. This can be a health hazard for susceptible groups, and we would always recommend buying low-VOC flooring.

In our opinion, it’s simply not worth it. Skip the fake engineered cork flooring Lowe’s sells and buy from a real brand at a real flooring store. You can find top-rated flooring stores in your area here.

Where Can You Install Engineered Wood Flooring?

Aside from being some of the easiest flooring to install, engineered wood is also very versatile. You can install it nearly anywhere! And once you’ve researched the cost to install engineered hardwood floors, you may just want to.

Engineered wood is one of the very few wood floors that you can install directly over concrete, unlike solid hardwood. Remember above when we talked about the crisscrossing grains in the core layer of the planks? And how that helps to ward off heat and moisture problems? Yeah, that’s the reason.

If you install solid hardwood on a concrete floor, you are sadly wasting your money. The moisture will ruin the wood fairly quickly. That is why engineered wood is a great choice for basements.

Constant exposure to water, however, is not suitable for engineered wood. If you are hoping for some hardwood mudroom flooring, you might look into some waterproof types of floor tiles instead. 

What to Consider When Choosing The Best Engineered Wood Flooring Brands

Now that you have a better grasp on the basics, let’s get into details. There are a few important factors to take into consideration when you are shopping for the best engineered wood flooring brands.

What’s the Best Veneer Thickness for Engineered Wood Flooring?

It depends! In years past, the common wisdom was “the thicker, the better”. But these days, that’s changing.

It’s true that the thicker your veneer layer, the more times you’ll be able to refinish it. Most of the best hardwood floor brands sell products with different veneer thicknesses for exactly this purpose. And if you want to refinish your floors, we’d recommend looking for a minimum veneer layer thickness of 3/16”. 

But: refinishing is only an issue if you purchase unfinished engineered wood that you finish on-site. That’s because factory finishes (which contain super-durable protective elements like UV-cured aluminum oxide crystals) don’t really need to be refinished. Rather, they simply need to be resurfaced—which involves a mild abrasive and no sanding.

Translation: most prefinished hardwood flooring comes with a 1.2mm veneer, which is perfectly suitable.

What is the Most Durable Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered wood is one of the most durable wood flooring options out there. Have we mentioned the importance of thickness when considering durability? Check.

But the finish of your engineered wood can also play a role. If you have kids or pets, then you know the importance of scratch-resistant flooring. Pre-finished boards hold up better than unfinished ones. That’s because the factory can apply a harder protective finish, such as aluminum oxide, than we can at home.

How Long Do the Best Engineered Wood Flooring Brands Last?

Typically, you can expect your engineered wood floors to last you 20–50 years, depending on the quality of the product. But some of the best engineered wood floor brands offer lifetime warranties, too! Just remember: how well you care for your floor will also affect its lifespan.

But keep in mind that this is for standard residential use. That means you shouldn’t plan on holding Irish clog dancing parties if you want your floor to have a long and healthy life! If that’s more your speed, maybe consider some concrete flooring that looks like wood.

The 16 Best Engineered Wood Flooring Brands

Ok! This is it: the main event. It’s time to learn about the best engineered wood flooring brands! Keep in mind that these are 16 of our favorite options, but they are no means the only options. And they are not in any particular order, either—so #1 isn’t necessarily better than #16!

#1: Somerset Hardwood Flooring

Remember how we discussed the importance of the thickness of engineered wood flooring? Somerset carries some of the thickest engineered planks out there!

That said, you won’t find a huge variety of wood species here as Somerset specializes in Appalachian hardwoods. However, they believe so strongly in their products that they back them up with a 50-year warranty. Additionally, Somerset is noted for being environmentally-minded and sustainable.

#2: From the Forest 

From the Forest is a small company based in Wisconsin specializing in engineered wood products. They accommodate all price points and tastes, and will even send you flooring samples. 

From the Forest is an eco-conscious company, using only locally-sourced wood from companies that participate in reforestation programs. Their gorgeous products and sustainable focus earn them a spot on our list of best engineered wood flooring brands!

#3: Harris Wood Floors

Harris Wood Floors is one of the oldest flooring companies in the country (they’ve been in business for over 120 years). 

They’re one of the leading specialists in click-lock engineered wood flooring—their proprietary system is called Springloc—and they offer a wonderful selection of floors that feature it. 

Harris mainly offers traditional choices, with a focus on red oak and hickory. However, you will also find a few contemporary options. They are also an affordable option that stands by their products. 

Harris Wood Floors offers a lifetime warranty on most products—and that alone would have earned them a spot on our best engineered wood flooring brands list!

#4: Bruce

Bruce is one of the world’s major flooring companies, and is known for its quality hardwood. Bruce offers expertise in both domestic and exotic wood species, making for one of the largest selections of engineered wood flooring anywhere. 

Bruce offers gorgeous, hand-scraped looks in their products, which have a lot of character. If this is the look you are aiming for, you can’t ask for better quality. Warranties vary by collection.

#5: Mohawk

If you have only ever heard one name in the flooring business, chances are it’s Mohawk

Many of the best engineered wood floor brands offer large selections, but none have the selection size that Mohawk offers. And you can find Mohawk products in just about any flooring store you step into. 

Even though domestic wood species like oak and hickory make up most of Mohawk’s collections (not that that’s a bad thing; the pros and cons of hickory flooring are almost all positive), they do come in many sizes and colors. Mohawk also offers a range of finishes, including beveled edges.

#6: Johnson Hardwood

This well-reviewed company offers a range of unique engineered wood with tons of character. Johnson Hardwood has unique-looking engineered wood that will stand out from other floors. Their pricing is upper mid-range, but for the high quality of the wood, it’s a great deal. 

#7: Kährs

Kährs has the distinction of being the only Swedish company to make our list of best engineered wood flooring brands. Kährs sources their lumber from North American, European, and South American forests (for exotic species), but all of their production is done in Sweden.  

Kährs has an interactive room design tool on their website which is so helpful in determining the best look for your room. The only thing better is their use of solvent-free surfaces!

#8: LM Flooring

LM Flooring is one of the youngest flooring companies on this list, but don’t confuse their youth for inexperience. They just so happen to specialize in engineered wood flooring!

The LM Flooring product catalog covers nearly all design styles, so if you’re looking to create some classic hardwood floor patterns like chevron parquet or herringbone, this might be the company for you.

Plus, LM Flooring stands behind their commitment to durable and lasting floors. Their lifetime residential warranty speaks volumes about their confidence in their products.

#9: Mullican

If you are looking for unfinished engineered wood flooring, Mullican is your brand. Buying unfinished planks allows you to completely customize your flooring finish. 

But if finishing your own floors feels like too much work, Mullican also has a gorgeous selection of pre-finished floors. Their finished engineered wood flooring comes in 19 collections, all with a stunning array of gorgeous colors.

#10: Pergo 

Pergo already has an excellent reputation. The company literally invented laminate flooring back in the 1970s, and its Pergo Extreme line is one of the most popular vinyl plank collections on the market.

But Pergo isn’t just one of the best brands for wood floor alternatives. It’s also one of the best engineered wood flooring brands, too! The company’s engineered wood line, Pergo Max is durable, beautiful, and affordable. Pergo Max is the perfect marriage of gorgeous style and lasting durability.

#11: Shaw                

Shaw is the second-largest flooring company in the world (after Mohawk). They’ve been manufacturing wood flooring for many years now, but that hasn’t stopped them from innovating!

Shaw offers 23 different engineered hardwood collections, often in at least 3 different colors. If their standard maple, oak, or hickory wood choices aren’t enough for you, you can rest assured that they also have a few exotic species to choose from as well.

#12: Lauzon

Lauzon only offers three engineered wood collections—so you know they do them perfectly. This Canadian company is dedicated to reforestation and responsible environmental stewardship. 

Some of Lauzon’s lines even feature a technology called Pure Genius, which includes a material that purifies the air as part of its finish. Seriously! 

If you are looking for either domestic or exotic wood species with character, this is a great place to start your search. 

#13: Tesoro Woods

Tesoro Woods is one of the most eco-friendly flooring companies out there, offering zero-VOC products. 

They even make engineered wood flooring from recycled wood! Don’t let that make you think twice about the durability of their flooring, though. Tesoro Woods offers a structural lifetime warranty on their floorboards. 

Their pricing is on the higher side, but given all of its perks, Tesoro definitely ranks as one of the best engineered wood flooring brands around. 

#14: Regal Hardwoods

Regal Hardwoods offers hand-scraped engineered wood with a solid birch core. If you compare the pros and cons of birch flooring to pros and cons of pine flooring (a softwood used in many engineered wood plywood cores) you’ll find that birch makes for excellent core strength.

Regal’s offerings aren’t just strong, though. The company is known for offering longer-than-average planks, which help make rooms look bigger. 

If you’re looking for long planks that will stand up to a lot, Regal Hardwoods might be the best engineered wood flooring brand for you.

#15: Hallmark Floors

Hallmark Floors is on the pricier side, but their quality is head and shoulders above other flooring companies! They’re products are all hand-crafted, and not sold online. Don’t let that dissuade you, though—this company makes amazing floors.

#16: Anderson Tuftex 

Anderson Tuftex is the company you can thank for innovating cross-grained base layers. Their main design focus is on traditional, or even rustic floors—but they offer contemporary styles, too. 

Anderson Tuftex’s keyword is “craftsmanship.” If you are interested in textured planks, you may be surprised to know that Anderson Tuftex is one of the only brands that does its scraping by hand, and not with the aid of a machine.

How Does the Best Engineered Wood Flooring Compare to Other Floors?

Choosing floor swatches

Although many of the best engineered wood flooring brands offer top-of-the-line products, it’s important to know how they stack up to other flooring options. Here’s how engineered wood compares to solid wood, laminate, and vinyl plank flooring.

Engineered Wood vs. Solid Wood

We’ve covered this a bit already, but let’s review!

Since solid wood is one piece of wood throughout, it can be refinished over and over. On the other hand, even the best engineered wood floors can only be refinished a few times at most. This is one of the biggest engineered wood disadvantages there is. But again, this isn’t relevant if your floors have a factory finish.

As we mentioned above, engineered wood can go where solid wood can’t. And if you buy from one of the best engineered wood flooring brands, you know you’ll be getting a product that can stand up to anything.

The cost to replace carpet with hardwood can be prohibitive for some buyers, but engineered wood makes it affordable. Many of the best engineered wood floor brands sell click-together flooring which can be installed quickly and easily. That’s not usually an option for solid wood.

Finally, as we mentioned before, the cost of engineered wood is often cheaper than the cost of solid wood for rare wood species. And that’s because engineered products use less of the expensive wood! So if you want to install something like ash flooring (or if you’ve been weighing the disadvantages of hickory flooring), engineered is a good option.

Engineered Wood vs. Laminate Flooring

Unlike engineered wood, laminate flooring is not actually wood. So what is laminate flooring, exactly? It’s a composite floor made of fiberboard, a photo-realistic image, and a hard plastic wear layer. 

Laminate is one of the most durable and beautiful hardwood floor alternatives around. But if you decide to go the laminate route, be sure you opt for a high-end product like Mohawk’s waterproof RevWood

You can read up on some RevWood reviews if you’re interested in that (and we wouldn’t blame you). After all, if you’re looking into the best engineered wood flooring brands, you should know about the best laminate flooring brands too.

Engineered Wood vs. Vinyl Plank Flooring

If you compare vinyl plank vs. laminate, you’ll find the two floors are very similar. But while laminate is made from numerous different materials, vinyl plank is made almost entirely out of vinyl (aka plastic).

That doesn’t mean vinyl flooring is low-quality, though! Vinyl plank is one of the best hardwood floor alternatives on the market. It’s waterproof, it’s durable, and these days, it looks really similar to real wood. In fact, there aren’t many disadvantages of vinyl plank flooring at all.

Many people choose vinyl plank over the best engineered wood flooring brands because it’s so durable and long-lasting. Vinyl plank floors can go where even the best engineered wood floors can’t.

And now that there are low-VOC vinyl flooring options on the market, it’s a relatively environmentally friendly flooring choice, too. If you’re interested in vinyl plank, check out some Pergo Extreme reviews (Pergo Extreme is one of the most popular vinyl plank products around). 

The Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring Brands: Conclusion

If you never thought you could afford to install hardwood flooring throughout your home, engineered wood may be the solution. If price made you feel as if you had no choice in whether you had carpet or hardwood in your bedroom, your options just opened up. If you thought… well, you get the point.

Engineered hardwood is an amazing product. And as you can see from our list of the best engineered wood flooring brands, there are plenty of manufacturers to suit every taste. 

So what’s the best engineered wood flooring brand for you? Armed with this list, head to a top-rated flooring store near you to find out! We promise you’re going to love what you find. Good luck and happy flooring! 

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