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9 Reasons The “Carpet vs. Hardwood” Debate is Silly

March 25, 2020 So: you’re replacing your floors and you’re starting to wonder: carpet or hardwood? How do I choose? Carpet vs. hardwood. Hardwood vs. carpet. Which one is the “smart choice”? If you’ve watched HGTV in the last, like, century, you’ll have been told that carpet is so 1900s. That hardwood is the only […]

Do it Yourself Flooring: 5 Things you NEED to Know

March 13, 2020 Thinking about starting a do-it-yourself flooring project? We get it! You’re handy, you’re clever, and you’ve got the internet at your fingertips! So a DIY flooring job should be easy, right?  Wrong. Look, we know this is a big sticking point when it comes to replacing flooring. The DIY flooring thing can […]

How to Replace Flooring: 8 Excellent Ideas

March 4, 2020 Is there anything better than a brand new floor? We might be a little biased here, but we’re pretty sure the answer is an emphatic no. And that’s because replacing your floors can completely transform your space! You can make a sterile-looking room as cozy as it comes with some carpet or […]

Carpet vs. Laminate: Choosing the Best Floor for You

Updated March 10, 2020 So you’re getting a new floor. Fun! But you can’t decide between carpet vs. laminate. Not fun! In all seriousness though, we get it—choosing between carpet and laminate can be a difficult, time-consuming process. At a relatively similar price point, both types of flooring offer great perks and stylish results. It’s […]

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Click-Together Flooring: Your Questions Answered

November 14, 2019 Click-together flooring, snap-together flooring, click-lock flooring, interlocking flooring—yeah, it goes by an absurd number of names. And they all refer to the same thing: planks or tiles with a type of interlocking grooves that, when assembled, create a seamless flooring surface.  But whatever you call it, this type of floor setup is […]