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10 Awesome Wood Floor Designs for 2022

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March 25, 2020

If you’re looking into wood floor designs, we can only assume that you’ve done your homework. 

You’ve considered all of the options for replacing your floors. You’ve debated the pros and cons of tile vs. laminate. You’ve agonized between laminate and hardwood. You’ve even compared the benefits of tile vs. wood.

And now that you’ve learned all you can about the pros and cons of hardwood flooring, you’ve made your decision.

You’re going with hardwood.

👉 We did the research and here are our top 15 best hardwood flooring brands. If we had to choose our favorite brands, by far the best reviewed hardwood flooring brands are Doma, Paradiso and Proximity Mills.

And honestly? We couldn’t agree with you more. Hardwood floors are absolutely spectacular. But it’s not just about finding the best type of hardwood floors for your home—it’s also about finding the best design for the hardwood flooring in your home.

And that’s where we come in. Below, we’re going to go through 10 of our favorite hardwood floor designs for 2022. From timeless classics to modern spins, these wood floor designs will give you everything you need to choose the perfect hardwood flooring options for you. Let’s jump in!

Table of Contents

Classic Wood Floor Designs

“I wish I hadn’t gotten hardwood floors”—said nobody, ever. 

Hardwood floors are a great investment. If you purchase the right product and treat it correctly, it can last you a lifetime. In that spirit, here are some classic, timeless wood floor designs. 

#1. Horizontal strips: classic and DIY-friendly

Horizontal Wood Floor

The most common of all wood floor designs, you really can’t go wrong with a horizontal wood layout. They may seem a little old-fashioned, but they’re beautiful, functional and a good do-it-yourself flooring project. Why? Because you can take advantage of the many click-together flooring options on the market.

#2. Herringbone parquet: stunning and timeless 

Herringbone parquet wood floor dark

Ah, herringbone. Gorgeous, yes? Herringbone parquet floors are a classic design that’ll bring a touch of luxury to your home. Frequently used for cobblestones in early Rome, herringbone first showed up inside homes during the 16th century and has been a hallmark of old-world elegance ever since. The beauty and sophistication of the old English and French manors, brought back to life in your home. 

Should you install it yourself? Probably not. The tiniest mistake can have a ripple effect and throw the entire floor’s alignment off. Our advice? Protect your investment by hiring a local flooring expert to do it for you.

#3. Chevron parquet: classic-yet-modern

Chevron parquet floor

Chevron vs. herringbone… what’s the difference, anyway? Well, chevron wood floors are a mosaic floor design with boards cut at a 45-degree angle. Herringbone, on the other hand, is cut at a 90-degree angle. 

While some people think of chevron floors as a modern take on classic herringbone, that’s not exactly true. Chevron is equally classic, even if it feels a bit more modern. In fact, there are even chevron parquet floors in the Palace of Versailles! As with herringbone, chevron wood floors require precise cuts. If you have any fears about messing it up, just hire a professional

#4. Diamond parquet: a home’s best friend

diamond parquet tile

Wait! Is it another parquet floor design? Yes, it is! 

Another historically dramatic and luxurious option that may seem new to you, diamond wood flooring designs make a statement. What is the statement? That you have exquisite taste, of course. Imagine your living room with a gorgeous diamond wood floor. 

Early diamond wood flooring designs were prominently featured in manors and castles throughout Europe. Your mother-in-law may hate your cooking, but she can’t help but be impressed by your impeccably cultured taste. 

#5. Wood mosaic: endless possibilities

1960s mosaic floor

When most people think of mosaic floors, they often think of using different types of tile. Wood mosaic flooring designs are similar—they’re made up of small wood pieces custom-cut to create a mosaic pattern. 

Technically speaking, does that mean herringbone and other parquet designs are “mosaic flooring”? Yes! But that’s just one of the nearly limitless possibilities. From the square wood mosaic floors of the ‘60s to the 3D patterns of today (we’ll get into those later), there are endless options with wood mosaic.

#6. Painted wood floors: breathe fresh life into your floors with this classic technique

painting wood floor black

Painted floors have been around almost as long as wood floors themselves. Since the 1600s, people have used fresh paint to brighten and finish floors.

Translation: you don’t necessarily have to replace your floors to transform your space. Many types of hardwood flooring can be sanded and refinished. And if you decide to go this route, you’ll have way more options than you might think. You could stain your floor a new color or even create a custom design using contrasting stains or paints. 

Modern Wood Floor Designs 

Some of us just aren’t meant to follow the crowd. Maybe you like hardwood but really hate the idea of anything looking rustic or traditional. If so, you’re in luck. Here are some wood floor designs that probably aren’t in your grandmother’s house.

#7. Bespoke wood flooring designs: mix materials for the perfect look

bespoke wood floor

When you hear the word bespoke, you probably think of frou-frou rich people sashaying down a London sidewalk. We do, at least. 

What does “bespoke” actually mean? Simply that it’s made for one person. In other words, it is a custom design specially made for your taste and needs. And that means bespoke flooring can be anything you want it to be. 

Did you find a special deal on mahogany but only have a few feet of it? You could use walnut or oak instead, then use that mahogany as a border. Been reading about why cork flooring is amazing? Mix those materials! Been checking out guides to the best bamboo flooring options? Throw some bamboo in there too! That’s bespoke, my friend, and it won’t break your budget. 

#8. Mixed-width wood plank: conventional, with a twist.

Mixed-width wood floor (courtesy of Shaw)
Courtesy of Shaw

Who says wood plank floors have to be all the same width? Early wood floors weren’t made up of uniform boards. Wood planks could range from 6 to 12 inches wide. Our advice? Mix and match your wood flooring types. Choosing planks of varying widths creates depth and visual interest, while still being relatively easy to install. Of all the modern wood floor designs, this is one of the simplest.

#9. End-grain wood floors: durable and visually striking

End grain wood floor

End-grain what, you say? End-grain wood is flooring made up of the sliced ends of wood. By cutting the wood to uniform sizes, you can lay out a statement floor that people. will. adore. 

Best of all, end-grain wood floors are some of the most durable flooring options for your home. They’ll be tough enough to withstand high traffic and abuse for years to come. If you need some cool ideas on how to replace flooring, we can’t recommend end-grain enough.

#10. 3-D parquet floors: capture the eye with bold illusions

3D wood parquet

Oh! So you want to go bold. Well, take a look at some 3-D parquet floor designs. While these have been around for hundreds of years, they’re making a bold comeback these days. By strategically placing high-contrast wood flooring elements, you can create the illusion of depth. Your guests will be wowed by your creative, high-end floor, and you don’t even have to tell them you hired a professional. Just kick back, relax and rake in the compliments. 

Whichever wood floor design you choose, do it right!

No matter what types of wood flooring you choose, your design possibilities are limited only by your imagination. But whatever wood floor designs you decide on, do it right—reach out to a flooring retailer in your area for help picking out and installing your floors. After all, they’re the real experts! And for more information on all things floors, check out: 

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Best known for being “not that kind of doctor” and never knowing which fork to use, Sara is a learning designer and writer, former real estate agent, and builder with a penchant for home design and remodeling.

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