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Talk to one of our Flooring Experts - (407) 792-5823

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A carpet buying guide written by experts, for everyday shoppers.

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Carpet flooring can make any room feel luxurious, cozy, and most importantly, comfortable.

We've curated a collection of the best carpet colors, types and brands so that you can easily make your dream room a reality.

From budget-friendly to luxurious statement pieces, we have a carpet for everyone.
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Carpet FAQs

What does carpet feel like?

When you have carpet installed, your floors will feel softer. It is also much easier to walk on carpet as it is soft underfoot.

What is the most common carpet fiber?

The most common carpet fibers are nylom, polyester, wool, polypropylene and olefin.

What are the pros of carpet?

Carpet can make any room feel comfortable and warm. It reduces slips, falls, and minimizes injury when falling on floor due to the soft padding. It also absorbs sound and reduces echo.

What are the cons of carpet?

Carpet can collect dust and dirt, and is harder to clean than other hard surface products. Many carpets can stain easily, so if you have a busy lifestyle, make sure you are picking the right type of carpet for your environment.

Where can I find a store that carries carpet?

You can find any of our flooring locations in the find a retailer tab.

How frequently should you replace carpet?

Carpet is replaced every 5-15 years. You can also have carpet professionally cleaned to extend its lifespan.

Why Buy Carpet

Carpet offers unmatched comfort and warmth, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any room. It provides sound insulation, reducing noise levels and contributing to a quieter living environment. With a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, carpet can be easily customized to fit the decor of any room. - Neil Daley (VP of Flooring Merchandising, with 20 years of flooring experience)
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