Rigid Core Collection in Cinnamon - Vinyl by Raskin Industries

Rigid Core Collection

by Michael Raskin USAVinyl
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Product Overview

Handsome and rugged, Rigid Core Collection vinyl flooring by Raskin Industries joins hard-wearing value with extraordinary Wood Look visuals. Available in a variety of appearance selections, the charm and convenience of this Cinnamon variant explemify why more and more homeowners are choosing to purchase modern vinyl flooring.

In this Cinnamon style, Rigid Core Collection vinyl planks by Raskin Industries measure 3' 11.71" long by 7.28" wide with a thickness of 5".

The SKU for Raskin Industries’s Rigid Core Collection vinyl planks in Cinnamon is FNG-03. In the same was as a good many vinyl floors, this product is marvelous for commercial, residential and other applications.


  • Length
    3 feet 11.71 inches
  • Width
    7.28 inches
  • Thickness
    5 inches

Sizes refer to individual pieces.


Raskin Industries
Wood Look
Commercial, Residential

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