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Who is Newton?

Newton is a budget flooring brand that’s focused on providing floors at an affordable cost. Their website proudly claims that they sell “Brilliant Floors, Intelligently Priced”.

But unlike many budget flooring companies, Newton only sells their products through select independent retailers that meet Newton’s standards—which may be why they don’t have as much brand recognition outside of the flooring industry.

So yes, Newton is a budget flooring brand. But it appears to be a budget flooring brand focused on providing quality floors (what a novel idea!).

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What Products Does Newton Offer?

Newton covers all the basics, and they do it surprisingly well. You might not find niche options like cork flooring, but you will find a full range of all the options most buyers want. 

Specifically, they offer 4 types of flooring:

  • Laminate
  • Luxury Vinyl
  • Engineered Hardwood
  • Carpet

Let’s take a closer look at each flooring type that Newton offers—four mini Newton reviews, if you will.

Newton Laminate

Newton Laminate Flooring
Courtesy of Newton

You might be thinking: back up, what is laminate flooring, anyway? While it used to be thought of as a type of fake wood flooring, modern laminate is in a league of its own.

Today’s laminate can offer the appearance of all types of wood flooring (and many types of tile too), but with way more resilience and scratch resistance—and some of the best laminate flooring brands are even waterproof (but we’ll talk about this further down). 

Newton Offers a Wide Variety of Laminate Products

Newton offers 11 collections of laminate flooring totaling almost 50 products—more than half of which are water-resistant or completely waterproof laminate flooring.

Translation: this isn’t your grandma’s laminate. These are good-looking floors that are remarkably durable. 

And Most of It is Waterproof

We mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating—more than half of Newton’s laminate products are either water-resistant or fully waterproof. That’s a rarity with laminate flooring, especially when it comes to budget brands. 

They’re All Made in the USA or Europe

Unlike many competitors (even major ones like Shaw laminate flooring and Mohawk laminate flooring), Newton is very deliberate where they manufacture their floors. 

They skip the common manufacturers in Southeast Asia and only source their laminate from the USA or Europe. Why is that so important, you ask? Because…

This Ensures All of Their Laminate is (Certified) Low-VOC 

Don’t get us wrong, not all laminate that’s manufactured in Southeast Asia contains a harmful level of VOCs. But some companies who sourced laminate from the region in the past (like Lumber Liquidators and Armstrong laminate flooring) ended up in some pretty hot water when their laminate was found to have high levels of formaldehyde.

All Newton laminate products boast GreenGuard Gold and/or FloorScore certifications—meaning you can install it in your home with peace of mind.

Their Price Is Tough to Beat

Newton’s motto is “Brilliant Floors, Intelligently Priced”. And it’s hard to disagree with that.

Depending on the product, you can expect to pay $3.00–$5.50 per square foot for Newton laminate. As we mentioned, Newton only sells their floors through flooring dealers who meet certain standards, so you’ll find prices to be pretty consistent no matter where you shop. 

Especially With Their Products’ High AC Ratings 

All Newton laminate products have at least an AC3 rating, which means they’re graded for heavy residential traffic. However, most Newton laminate collections actually have an AC4 rating—meaning they’re graded for commercial use (in English, that means they’re super durable). 

Translation: you’ll have a hard time finding a more durable floor in this price range. 

Installing Newton Laminate Is a Snap (Literally)

All Newton laminate is available as floating, snap-together flooring. That makes it some of the easiest flooring to install on the market!

Newton’s Laminate Warranty

Newton laminate offers a residential warranty that ranges from 20-year to limited lifetime coverage, depending on the product. Products that are graded for commercial use also come with up to a 5-year commercial warranty. All things considered, that’s not bad for laminate flooring!

Newton Vinyl

Courtesy of Newton

As a budget brand, Newton vinyl might not have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive competitors, but their floors don’t sacrifice performance. 

With that in mind, here’s why Newton has earned a spot on our list of the best vinyl plank flooring brands.

Newton Offers 10 Collections of LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank)

Newton vinyl comes in 10 collections, totaling over 50 of the most popular wood-look designs

And by “most popular designs”, we mean that signature wide plank wood flooring look. It comes in realistic colors and patterns that would fool anyone into thinking they’re looking at a genuine wood floor. 

How Much Does Newton Vinyl Cost?

Prices for Newton vinyl range from $2.00 to just under $5.00 per square foot—relatively inexpensive compared to a lot of other brands on the market. 

Make no mistake, this is still budget vinyl flooring. But the reason it’s so inexpensive is that there are no gimmicks to it, not because it’s a sub-par product—we’ll explain what we mean in a minute.

In the meanwhile, to put it in non-flooring terms: it’s the same car, but without all the voice-activated gizmos and gadgets. (Does that make sense? We think that makes sense. Moving on…)

Newton Vinyl Plank Floors Are Mostly SPC-Core

The vast majority of Newton LVP floors are SPC flooring—which means they have stone-polymer composite cores. These cores are the same ones found in nearly all of the best vinyl plank flooring brands, as they make the planks incredibly durable.

And They Have Excellent Wear Layers, Too

Newton offers wear layers (the protective layer on a vinyl plank) between 8 and 20 mils, but they’re all super high-quality. 

Not all wear layers are the same, and Newton’s—which are made with polyurethane and aluminum oxide crystals—are some of the best around. That means they’re much more durable than super-thick wear layers that are made of pure vinyl like many other budget brands use.

So again: Newton vinyl might be “budget flooring” in terms of cost, but it’s surprisingly heavy-duty. 

How Do You Install Newton Vinyl?

Newton carries just two vinyl products that are installed as glue-down vinyl plank flooring;  everything else is floating vinyl plank flooring

What is a floating floor, you ask? It’s exactly what it sounds like—a floor that doesn’t use any adhesives and “floats” on the subfloor. Newton’s floating floors use a click-together system, just like their floating laminate products.

And if you’re comparing Newton’s vinyl plank vs. laminate, it’s worth noting that the cost to install vinyl plank flooring and the cost to install laminate flooring are basically the same.

Newton’s Vinyl is Low-VOC Certified

One of the big disadvantages of vinyl plank flooring is its tendency to contain VOCs (since it’s made from plastic). That’s not the case with Newton, though—all of their LVP products are FloorScore-certified as low-VOC vinyl flooring that’s safe for you and your family.

Newton’s Vinyl Warranty

Newton vinyl offers limited lifetime residential warranties for most products, with the remaining few offering 15-year residential warranties. For their vinyl that’s approved for commercial use, they offer up to 10-year light commercial warranties. All in all, we’d call these better-than-solid.

Newton Hardwood

Courtesy of Newton

Newton offers 9 engineered wood collections, with more than 40 different looks to choose from. 

What is engineered hardwood? Well, despite what it might sound like, it is real wood flooring. Think of it as “performance hardwood”—it’s built to be extra durable, with a strong plywood or high-density fiberboard (HDF) core supporting a solid wood veneer. 

So, how does Newton hardwood stack up to the competition?

Newton Only Carries Responsibly Sourced Domestic Hardwoods

You know we love a company that cares about sustainable wood flooring, and Newton hardwood is exactly that. Every one of their 40+ engineered wood products is sourced from the USA in compliance with the Lacey Act.

Since their wood products are all domestically sourced, they’re obviously all domestic hardwood species—you’ll find oak, hickory, maple, and birch options in a good variety of color variations. And much like their laminate and vinyl offerings, Newton focuses on providing traditional visuals that look good in any home. 

Their Cost Per Square Foot is Quite Reasonable

If you’re buying hardwood floors, you might have noticed that wood flooring costs have gotten a little out of control. Well, not with Newton products! 

These floors cost roughly $4.50–$7.00 per square foot, putting them firmly on the low end of the price range. In fact, some other brands (we won’t name names), offer basically the exact same flooring for over double the price. Have you no shame, mysterious other brands?

So how does Newton offer the same quality floors for so much cheaper than the other guys? 

According to Newton, it has a lot to do with the construction process. They predominantly use more traditional thin strip designs that you’d find in the northeast, which means they can use the wood more efficiently. 

And because they source from US manufacturers and skip the middleman, they can pass their savings on to the buyer. 

And They’re Still Very Well Constructed

You’d be forgiven for thinking that low cost equals low quality, but once again with Newton, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Newton engineered wood planks are 3/8″ thick, with an aluminum oxide finish layer that’s built to stand up to heavy residential traffic. Plus, their floors are radiant heat approved—meaning if you’re thinking about installing heated wood floors, you can do that, too.

Though Newton might not offer all the extra features that some other brands do—for example, they don’t carry waterproof hardwood flooring—they don’t really have to. 

What they do offer is really well-constructed, budget-friendly floors with excellent, if traditional looks—and online Newton reviews seem to back this up. 

How Do You Install Newton Hardwood?

Newton’s hardwood products can be installed as glue-down, staple-down, or floating floors. We never recommend DIY-ing wood floors, so it’s best to reach out to an installer directly to find the best installation option for you.

Newton’s Hardwood Warranty

Residential warranties for these products are the same across the board—all Newton hardwood floors have a 15-year residential warranty. Most aren’t approved for commercial use, but the products that are, you’ll find 10-year commercial warranties.

Newton Carpet

Courtesy of Newton

Onto the final type of flooring that Newton carries: carpet! Newton offers more than 24 collections with over 150 total carpet products—if you’re looking for warm and cozy flooring, you’ll find it here.

Newton Carpets Come in Tons of Appearance Options 

You might associate “budget flooring” with “cheap-looking”, a-la 1990s roller skating rink, but that’s not true for Newton carpets. You’ll find a good variety of classic and modern styles, colors, and patterns across their 24 collections. 

There’s a good mix of different types of carpet here, too—cut and loop patterns, loop patterns, Frieze twists, tufted, woven… you get the idea. We recommend checking out the Newton carpets catalog—we just don’t have room in this Newton review to get to every style of carpet they carry. 

Their Carpets Are Made of Durable Materials

Many of Newton’s carpet collections are made from solution-dyed polyester—meaning they stand up extremely well to stains and fading. 

The rest of Newton’s carpet options are constructed using 6,6 nylon, which is also almost absurdly stain-resistant and durable. 

And They’re Low-VOC Certified

All Newton carpet is CRI Green Label Plus certified as low-VOC carpet. That means you won’t be breathing in harmful chemicals that come from the manufacturing process.

And They’re Largely Made From Recycled Materials

Ah yes, more eco-friendly flooring! Many Newton carpets (the polyester collections, specifically) are partially made from recycled PET, but they’re still plenty warm and soft.

Not only are these carpets made from recycled materials—they’re also all recyclable at the end of their lifespan. Now that’s a green commitment we can get behind.

Like All Newton Floors, Their Carpets Won’t Cost You Much

Newton carpets sell for an extremely reasonable price—between $2.00–$3.75 per square foot, to be exact. For products composed of solution-dyed polyester and 6,6 nylon, we’d struggle to find a better deal.

You Can Mix and Match Carpets, Too

Yes, you read that right—let us explain.

Newton offers carpets of the same style and material in different piles and heights. That means if you want your carpet to look consistent between rooms, but with different feels underfoot, you can do that!

Here’s an example: you might want your carpet to be high and cozy in the bedroom, but low and sturdy in the hallway. With Newton, you can do that—and still have the carpet match. 

Pretty cool, eh? Well, we think it is.

Newton’s Carpet Warranty

All Newton carpet products carry warranties that range from 10 years to lifetime coverage. 

Newton Flooring Pros and Cons

OK! Now that we’ve gone through the specifics on Newtons’ product catalog, let’s talk about the pros and cons of this brand. 

Pro: You Won’t Find a Better Floor for the Price

Like we said, Newton’s motto is “Brilliant Floors, Intelligently Priced”. It’s hard to disagree with that—no matter what type of flooring you’re interested in, you’d be hard-pressed to find a brand (outside of second-rate box store junk) that can compete with Newton’s prices.

It seems like Newton is attempting to break the stereotype of what it means to be a budget flooring brand. Their wood floors are well-built enough to compete with the best hardwood flooring brands—the same goes for their laminate, vinyl, and carpet. 

Pro: Newton Floors Come in Tons of Classic Styles

Newton seems to have ignored gimmicky flooring that quickly goes out of style. If you browse their catalog, you’ll find mostly classic flooring styles—traditional looks that stand the test of time. 

Pro: They’re Focused on Being Eco-Friendly

Here’s the thing: Newton is so dedicated to being the low-cost brand that they hardly mention how eco-friendly their products are. But we think their sustainably-sourced hardwood from the USA and carpet that’s both recycled and recyclable stand out to us as major positives on this list of Newton flooring pros and cons.

Con: Newton’s Catalog Isn’t As Expansive As Some Other Brands

If you look at larger companies like Mohawk and Shaw, you’ll see hundreds of different options for each type of flooring. With Newton, that’s not exactly the case—this just isn’t a wildly diverse or expansive catalog.

In our opinion, though, this isn’t necessarily the worst thing. Heck, it might even be a positive

That said, the fact that their catalog focuses heavily on traditional styles and timeless looks rather than bold, trendy designs might be restrictive for some buyers.

Con: Finding Newton Flooring Can Be Tricky

We mentioned this a few times, but Newton only sells their flooring at flooring stores who meet specific standards for product knowledge and customer service. For the record, we view this as a positive (especially since it means we won’t have to go to the big box stores to find it), but we understand that some floor buyers will be frustrated at the lack of widespread availability.

Luckily, their website makes it easy to find a Newton retailer. We recommend giving that a try before you drive to every flooring store in the area.

Conclusion: Newton May Just Be the Best Budget Flooring Brand on the Market

We’ve come to the end of this Newton review, and it’s fair to say: we approve! 

Is it the fanciest, boldest, most high-performance flooring in the world? Absolutely not. But for our money (and yours), this is the best budget flooring brand you’ll find on the market today. 

The high-quality, low-cost floors coupled with the environmentally friendly practices make this an easy buy in our book.

If you’re looking to buy or pick up a sample, you can find a retailer on their site or reach out to us directly and we can find out for you. And if you’re not quite yet ready to make a decision, you can always read our other reviews to learn more!. 

Thanks for reading, and good luck floor shopping! For more information on different types of flooring, check out:

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