Chad Hardee avatarChad Hardee

Mar 30, 2023

Great team with great prices!! Great experience!!
Ed McConnell avatarEd McConnell

Nov 19, 2022

Job is done quickly and to my satisfaction. Google listed you open on Saturday so I went up to pay you. Update Google that you’re closed on Saturdays.
Linda Hyatt avatarLinda Hyatt

Apr 20, 2022

Always great service and products are wonderful.
Kimberly Hathway avatarKimberly Hathway

Jan 13, 2022

Good place to get a U-Haul
Byron Flynn avatarByron Flynn

Sep 1, 2021

We had the entire house done. The crew were professional and did an absolutely beautiful job. Best part, two days and they were finished. We have the kitchen and baths left to do, better believe we will be contacting Cox flooring.
Deborah Robertson avatarDeborah Robertson

Aug 12, 2021

We had flooring, and, new appliances installed and we couldn't be happier!!! The floors are beautiful!!! The appliances replaced our older ones and are a pleasure to use. Everyone was so helpful and professional. Thank you
John Burroughs avatarJohn Burroughs

Oct 2, 2020

Great people, great service , well stocked.
Michael Claypool avatarMichael Claypool

Aug 21, 2020

Excellent floor choices and FANTASTIC customer service!