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NGT Automotive Ruben Paez avatarNGT Automotive Ruben Paez

Dec 5, 2022

Great customer service & flooring installation. Highly recommend!!
Jason Walters avatarJason Walters

Sep 29, 2022

Great experience! Jory and the Moerbe family have been our friends for a long time and sometimes I am cautious about mixing business and pleasure however this was a great experience! (although i expected nothing less) .. Jory's knowledge of product and how best to lay it out was awesome! We are pleased with the service, quality of product and the install team was rock solid and very friendly and took great care of our home! Thank you LS Carpet!
Mehrdad Vatani avatarMehrdad Vatani

Sep 3, 2022

Quality work with outstanding service and products! Lone Star Carpets installed all my flooring and shower tiles for multiunit homes in south Austin. My sincere appreciation is well-deserved to Mr. Tony Rodriguez! He is an experienced, well educated, well-informed, a professional and quite personable individual. Tony is the contractor working with my excellent builder, Truitt Group- Mr. Logan Leen. Tony himself was directly involved in the project from the beginning: getting all the necessary measurements, ordering martials, following up with the installation crew, and making the final inspections of the installations. He also left me with the plenty leftover tiles and material for possible future repairs or renovation!! Tony certainly gives his full attention and care one will need during a home construction! Thank you Tony. My appreciations of his installation crew: Mr. David Romero installed almost all flooring and shower tiles. He is efficient and very conservative with material usage, yet installs quality work. He is very hard-working individual and makes sure to get the job done and done right! Mr. Juan is the crew lead as well as a great installer. He leads the group by example and makes sure all works are done correctly. Mr. Roger is a good installer and seems enjoys his work and is just happy person. I am very pleases with the service and material Lone Star Carpets provided me for all my homes, specially Tony's care and attention to my project. Mehrdad Vatani
Juan Paramo avatarJuan Paramo

May 26, 2022

Solo falta personal que hablé español
Julie Morris avatarJulie Morris

May 24, 2022

Amazing work on our wood floors!
Robb Matthews avatarRobb Matthews

Apr 11, 2022

Parker is knowledgeable about carpet options and their impact on durability.
Parker Moerbe avatarParker Moerbe

Mar 30, 2022

I've been doing business with Lone Star for a few years now. I haven't had an issue with them, and Lee has been nothing but help.
Melissa Stout avatarMelissa Stout

Mar 24, 2022

Friendly, accommodating and FAST! Chase was so kind and helpful during the selection process. Once I made a decision, install was done the next day. Chase couldn't have made this process any easier! Lone Star Carpet is A+++ in my book.