Barb Rearick avatarBarb Rearick

Dec 18, 2020

The sales people at the store were si helpful in picking out proper materials for my basement project. The installer Mathew was effecient, tidy and detailed. Wonderful over all experience.
Gerry Debi Krebsbsach avatarGerry Debi Krebsbsach

Dec 15, 2020

Very clean and customer friendly. Not pushy.
Leighann Demerath avatarLeighann Demerath

Dec 5, 2020

I had a wonderful experience working with Nick at Dalton carpet West. He is very knowledgeable and walked me through all the different types of carpet so I could pick what would work best for me. I would definitely recommend to others!
Jesse Greene avatarJesse Greene

Nov 4, 2020

Terry was super knowledgeable and actually advised us to wait a little because prices were on the verge of potentially going down. Very useful experience in our flooring search.
Mark Vignali avatarMark Vignali

Oct 20, 2020

Great quality products and good customer service. They had to order the flooring we wanted. It arrived quite quickly and the flooring is great! Great Flooring for a great price. Thank you.
Joe Mamazza avatarJoe Mamazza

Oct 19, 2020

We started our search at Home Depot with their "5 day" or less instalation after a ton of hoops to be jumped through and alot of ridiculous red tape we finally set a date for our "5" day installation. The day prior to installation they called said 5-7 days more due to the fact that the carpet was no longer in stock. I decided to cancel with them and they wanted a restocking fee. The very same day we went into Dalton and talked to Jordan he was very helpful and even apologized for home depot ( I didn't even get that from home depot). A short time later we had our carpet picked out and a date set 3 days later. Three days later as promised Troy their installation guy was there and had the carpet installed in a timely manner. Everything looks great and the price was within $100.00 of home depots. No complaints here. We will be going back to them when we're ready to do our other three rooms. Great job to everyone at Dalton.
Kayleigh Sherrer avatarKayleigh Sherrer

Oct 17, 2020

Amazing company, very friendly staff! Great prices!
Hannah Volkman avatarHannah Volkman

Sep 24, 2020

During lockdown we had some water damage in our kitchen and needed to have the cheap, old, ugly flooring replaced. The insurance appraiser recommended Dalton (West). We worked with Nick, who is a very knowledgeable and experienced salesman, and managed to get a better quality waterproof flooring within our budget. The installers were also great. The subfloor was messed up and they fixed it for us. They have modern quality flooring at good prices and everyone was nice, professional, and helpful!