Exploring the world of vinyl plank flooring introduces you to a myriad of brands, each with its own merits. Mannington vinyl flooring often stands out in this crowded landscape with its Adura collection. But is any Adura collection the right choice for your flooring needs?

Let’s delve into this Mannington vinyl flooring review and see what the Mannington Adura series has to offer, covering everything from pricing, availability, pros and cons, and what other buyers have to say.

Mannington: A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

Mannington Mills, a staple in the home improvement industry since 1915, hails from Salem, New Jersey. This century-old company has grown to be a global leader in flooring, catering to commercial, residential, and industrial markets. 

Mannington offers a wide range of flooring options, including hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, and luxury vinyl sheet, but is particularly well known for its Adura luxury vinyl flooring collections.

The Adura Series: A Closer Look

The Adura series, including Adura Max, Adura Rigid, Adura Flex,and Adura Apex, stands as Mannington’s best-selling and most acclaimed collection. These lines are designed to emulate natural wood and stone, offering a blend of aesthetic appeal and durability.

  • Pricing: Adura floors typically range from $3 to $7 per square foot, aligning with mid-to-high-end LVP expectations. More economical options are available, but expect a trade-off in quality.
  • Rigid Core Construction: Most Adura products boast a rigid core construction, enhancing their durability and stability. While the term “rigid” might seem exclusive to Adura Rigid, it essentially applies to the entire Adura lineup, with Adura Max featuring a WPC core and Adura Rigid an SPC core.
  • Availability: Mannington’s products are widely accessible across the U.S. and internationally, making them a convenient option compared to brand-exclusive offerings at major retailers.

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Special Features Across the Adura Line

  • Microban Antimicrobial Protection: Unique to the Adura line, this coating by Microban offers continuous antimicrobial protection, a rarity in the vinyl plank market.
  • HydroLoc Waterproof Core: Ensuring complete water resistance, this feature places Mannington vinyl ahead of even the top laminates in terms of moisture protection.
  • ScratchResist Wear Layer: Composed of aluminum oxide crystals, this layer adds remarkable scratch resistance, maintaining the floor’s aesthetics over time.

Adura Max Review: The Pinnacle of Comfort and Style

Adura Max represents Mannington’s dedication to combining luxurious aesthetics with unparalleled practical benefits. This collection sets the standard for high-end vinyl flooring with its exceptional attention to detail and innovative construction.

Construction and Core: Adura Max features a WPC (wood plastic composite) core, known for its waterproof properties and sound-dampening capabilities. This core, combined with a soft, attached underlayment, provides a comfortable underfoot experience and reduces noise, making it ideal for busy households and upper-story installations.

  • Design Variety: With an extensive selection of wood and stone looks, Adura Max offers the most realistic visuals in the Mannington lineup. From classic hardwood designs to contemporary stone patterns, each plank and tile is crafted with detailed embossing and high-definition printing to capture the essence of natural materials.
  • Performance: The collection boasts Mannington’s ScratchResist™ technology, ensuring superior resistance to scratches and wear. The HydroLoc™ core makes Adura Max 100% waterproof, suitable for all home areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.
  • Installation: Adura Max utilizes a floating floor system, allowing for easy and fast installation without glue. This feature, along with the LockSolid® locking mechanism, ensures a secure fit and seamless appearance.
  • Price Range: Approximately $4 to $6 per square foot, reflecting its premium quality and features.

Adura Rigid Review: Supreme Stability and Performance

Adura Rigid is the embodiment of Mannington’s commitment to crafting flooring that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetic appeal for durability. It stands as a testament to how cutting-edge technology can be harnessed to meet the dual demands of style and performance.

  • Construction and Core: The Rigid collection is distinguished by its SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) core, offering unmatched stability and resistance to temperature changes. This makes Adura Rigid an excellent choice for environments with wide temperature fluctuations.
  • Design Flexibility: Like Adura Max, Adura Rigid provides a wide array of designs, from sophisticated wood grains to elegant stone textures. The collection is designed to meet diverse aesthetic preferences while maintaining the practical benefits of luxury vinyl.
  • Durability: Adura Rigid floors are exceptionally durable, equipped with a robust wear layer that protects against scratches, stains, and fading. The waterproof nature of the SPC core further enhances its suitability for any room.
  • Installation: This line also features a user-friendly floating installation process. Its rigidity allows for installation over most existing floors with minimal preparation, making it a practical choice for renovation projects.
  • Price Range: Slightly more affordable than Adura Max, Adura Rigid is priced around $3 to $4 per square foot, offering excellent value for its durability and stability.

Adura Flex Review: Versatility and Affordability

Adura Flex marries the timeless beauty of Mannington designs with a versatile and durable flooring solution. It’s designed for those who seek reliability without compromising on the elegance and refined appearance of their living spaces.

  • Construction and Core: Adura Flex stands out as a glue-down LVP option within the Mannington range, offering enhanced stability and performance in high-traffic areas or commercial settings. Despite being flexible, it does not compromise on the quality and aesthetic appeal Mannington is known for.
  • Design Options: Offering a similar range of wood and stone looks as its counterparts, Adura Flex caters to various interior design styles. Its glue-down nature allows for more intricate layouts and custom designs, expanding creative possibilities.
  • Durability and Maintenance: Known for its ease of maintenance and resistance to life’s spills and mishaps, Adura Flex combines Mannington’s signature ScratchResist™ wear layer with a waterproof composition, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality.
  • Installation: As a glue-down flooring option, Adura Flex provides a permanent solution that’s ideal for areas requiring extra stability. While installation may be more involved than floating floors, the result is a solid, dependable floor surface.
  • Price Range: Adura Flex is the most budget-friendly option in the Adura lineup, with prices starting at around $3 per square foot, making it an attractive choice for both residential and commercial applications seeking high-quality vinyl flooring at a more accessible price point.

Adura Apex Review: Elegance and High-Style Design

Adura Apex represents the pinnacle of Mannington’s design innovation within the Adura series, offering a premium selection of vinyl flooring options that combine aesthetic elegance with advanced performance features.

  • Construction and Core: Featuring a WPC (wood plastic composite) core, similar to Adura Max, Adura Apex provides enhanced comfort and sound-dampening properties. This core ensures a luxurious underfoot feel while maintaining the durability and waterproof qualities Mannington is known for.
  • Design Variety: Apex sets itself apart with its unique and sophisticated design options. From mixed-width planks that mimic the natural variation of hardwood to intricate tile patterns that reflect the artistry of traditional craftsmanship, Adura Apex offers distinctive choices for those seeking to make a bold design statement.
  • Performance: Adura Apex floors are equipped with Mannington’s state-of-the-art ScratchResist™ technology, offering superior protection against wear and tear. The HydroLoc™ core renders the flooring completely waterproof, making it suitable for use throughout the home, including high-moisture areas.
  • Installation: Despite its premium designs, Adura Apex maintains user-friendly installation features. The floating floor system, with its reliable LockSolid® locking mechanism, allows for quick and seamless installation, transforming any space with ease.
  • Price Range: Reflecting its high-style and premium design offerings, Adura Apex is priced at approximately $5 to $7 per square foot.

Mannington Adura Reviews: What the Buyers Say

When considering the entirety of Mannington’s Adura collections, Mannington vinyl flooring reviews highlight a few key takeaways.

Adura Max frequently emerges as the top choice for those prioritizing comfort and realistic designs, while Adura Rigid is praised for its stability and durability in varying climates. Adura Flex appeals to those seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Adura Apex, although a newer addition, has quickly gained attention for its unique designs and premium aesthetic appeal.

Pros And Cons Across Adura Collections: Narrowing The Choices

Adura Max vs Adura Apex


  • A wide range of attractive designs, including wood, stone, and tile looks.
  • The waterproof core enhances comfort underfoot.
  • Scratch, dent, and stain resistance as claimed by Mannington.
  • Suitable for any area of the home, with easy maintenance and good indoor air quality due to FloorScore certification​​.


  • Not recommended for rooms with excessive sunlight or without temperature control. However, Adura Flex can be used in these conditions.
  • Mannington suggests professional installation, though it can be managed by experienced DIYers​​.
  • Price Range: Adura Max is positioned in the mid-range at about $4-$6 per square foot, with Adura Apex being more expensive, around $5-$6 per square foot​​.

Adura Rigid


  • Offers a variety of designs, both in wood and stone looks, that are waterproof and dimensionally stable.
  • It’s claimed to be dent, stain, and scratch-resistant and doesn’t require acclimation before installation or an extra underlayment.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, with the same FloorScore certification for indoor air quality​​.


  • The thinner rigid core (5.5mm) might feel hard underfoot, similar to ceramic tile.
  • Mannington does not recommend DIY installation for this product, suggesting professional installation for the best outcome​​.
  • Price: Adura Rigid is priced at around $4.99 per square foot, placing it at the higher end of the rigid core flooring market​​.

Adura Flex


  • Offers a range of designs consistent with other Adura lines, waterproof capabilities, and durability suited for high-traffic areas. 
  • The glue-down method might offer more stability and permanence compared to floating floors.


  • The permanence of glue-down installation may not be suitable for all situations, especially where future flooring changes are anticipated.
  •  As with other vinyl options, professional installation may be recommended to ensure the best outcome.

What’s the Best Collection From The Adura Series?

The best choice among the Adura collections largely depends on individual needs and design preferences. 

Adura Max offers a perfect blend of style, comfort, and waterproof features, making it a versatile option for most homes. Adura Rigid provides an excellent solution for areas with significant temperature fluctuations, while Adura Flex is ideal for high-traffic areas or commercial spaces. For those seeking luxury and unique design options, Adura Apex stands out as the premier choice, offering unparalleled aesthetic appeal. 

So it does depend on what you need first and foremost, but in most Mannington vinyl flooring reviews we could find, people were really praising Adura Max as one of the best of them all. Take that however you want.


Mannington’s Adura collections—Adura Max, Adura Rigid, Adura Flex, and Adura Apex—each bring unique benefits to the table, from the comfort and realism of Adura Max to the stability and value of Adura Rigid and Adura Flex.

By prioritizing technological advancements, Mannington ensures that each collection offers a blend of style, durability, and ease of maintenance, making Adura vinyl flooring a compelling choice for any space. 

Whether you’re drawn to the luxurious appeal of Adura Max, the performance of Adura Rigid, or the versatility and affordability of Adura Flex, Mannington provides options that meet the needs of today’s diverse flooring market.

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