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10 Flooring Trends Spotted at Surfaces 2019

For the uninitiated, Surfaces is the biggest flooring event in North America. Every year, designers, manufacturers, retailers, influencers, and others converge on Las Vegas to learn about new trends and products in flooring. We were lucky enough to get the inside scoop last week, when we wandered the trade show floor in order to bring you the latest trends in flooring from Surfaces 2019. Today’s products are more unique, innovative, and beautiful than ever. Here are 10 trends you can expect to see when you visit your local retailer.

1. Blonde is back


In hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, and even wood-look ceramic tile, it was pretty clear that blondes were having all the fun – blonde woods, that is. What is blonde wood? Think of the Scandinavian design influence – minimalist decor, white or pale neutral walls, and light, cool-toned woods. It should come as no surprise that minimalist style is popular right now – one of the most popular shows on Netflix right now is Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. But blonde woods lend themselves well to more aesthetics than just the unfussy scandi. Depending on the decor, these beautiful floors would fit right in in contemporary, farmhouse, Art Deco, coastal, industrial, shabby chic, or transitional spaces.

2. Warming up


While gray is still an important color across all categories, we’re seeing a turn toward warmer colors. Those popular grays are pulling in browner tones, shifting to taupe and “greige.” Honey tones are also popping up again, which fit in perfectly with traditional, country, mid-century modern, or Mediterranean aesthetics.

3. Retro revival


It’s no surprise that style is cyclical – the bell bottoms my mother rocked in the ’60s came back, much to my delight, in the ’90s, and I’m seeing them all over the place once again in 2019. Flooring is no different – retro prints and color combinations were out in full force on the show floor at Surfaces, from rich, Art Deco-inspired patterned tile to checkerboard black-and-white vinyl. Don’t worry – these funky floors look anything but dated.

4. Growth spurt


Whether it’s hardwood’s longer, wider planks or tile’s pivot toward larger formats, floor coverings are simply getting bigger. Thanks to this shift, inspired by the surge of open floor plans and a desire for seamless looks, it’s not uncommon to see wood and wood-look plank sizes as wide as 7 or 8 inches. And ceramic tile’s standard sizes have grown from 12” x 12” to 12” x 24”, 24” x 36”, and even 24” x 48”.

5. Pretty patterns


Particularly in tile, vinyl, and carpet, prints and patterns are having a moment. Some patterns are subtle, some add texture, and some are quite bold. Chevron and herringbone designs took center stage in several booths, while others featured geometric shapes like hexagons and rhomboids. Whatever the style, this flooring isn’t boring.

6. Subtly shimmery


In both hard and soft surface, new product introductions featured hints of glimmer. While not all-out glitzy, the subtle shimmer across product categories, particularly hardwood, tile, and carpet, adds an element of luxury, and works particularly well in Art Deco, eclectic, industrial, and maximalist styles.

7. Buh-bye, beige


Who says broadloom has to be bland? At Surfaces, carpets were plush and lush, featuring fun patterns, flecks of color, and yes, even some of the metallic pops we talked about earlier. These carpets make a statement without overwhelming the space.

8. Mixed media


In a sea of products that look like wood or stone, how can you get your product to stand out? Some manufacturers are just combining visuals. Tile and vinyl that looks like a combination of materials, such as wood and stone, wood and concrete, or stone and fabric, for example, take classic visuals and mix them up to create a unique look.

9. Vibrant variation

Engineered Floors

In hardwood and wood-look products in particular, products with varied plank widths, lengths and tones were popular. Mixing wide and narrow planks, as well as light and dark tones, give the floor a unique look with lots of personality.

10. Performance priority


Improved wear layers, water-resistant finishes, and scratch and stain resistance were top of mind for many suppliers on the show floor. We saw everything from scratch-resistant vinyl to waterproof hardwood – and plenty of pet-proof products for families with four-legged members.

Thanks again to everyone at Surfaces 2019 for speaking with us about the future of flooring. Want to stay on top of the latest flooring industry news and trends? Find us across social on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

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