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Exploring flooring options for your master bedroom

Your bedroom should be a haven, a calming, soothing place where you feel relaxed. Soft lighting, proper window treatments, and soothing paint colors are always recommended. But what about the floor?

It’s where you place your feet as you get out of bed and get ready to greet the day. You want it to be comfortable and warm. If your bedroom is on the upper level of your home, you might also want it to be quiet and sound-dampening. And who knows? It’s your space, your sanctuary…in order to get your dream dreaming domicile, you might want to splurge a little!

There are plenty of great flooring options for your master bedroom. If you’re doing a bedroom renovation and thinking about replacing the floors, read on!



This soft standby seems like the obvious choice for bedrooms. Carpet is a cozy, comfortable surface, great at muffling sound and insulating the room. There’s a lot of variety within the carpet category – there are different types of fiber, and you can find a wide range of colors, tonals, and even patterns at your local retailer.

Keep in mind that some carpets – especially plush carpets – are susceptible to crushing, so move heavy furniture like beds and wardrobes around to keep your carpet looking even and avoid indentations. You’ll also want to vacuum regularly and take your shoes off before coming into your room. Even though bedrooms tend to be low-traffic areas, carpets that aren’t well-maintained can lose their clean, uniform look, and long-term dirt and debris buildup can leave the carpet discolored.



If you want a soft, quiet, warm floor, but are dead-set against carpet, cork floors might be your best bet. Cork floors are made from tree bark that’s left over from the wine bottle cork-making process. It’s resilient and comfortable underfoot, retains heat, and muffles sound – all great properties for a bedroom floor! While in its natural state it looks like…well, cork, there are a lot of manufacturers that use high-definition printing to recreate popular hardwood looks.

Cork floors also repel dust, debris, and other allergens, making it a great choice for people who have severe allergies. And it’s got some serious sustainability cred – it’s a naturally recurring and easily renewable material, and harvesting it doesn’t damage the tree.


American OEM

Another excellent choice for bedrooms, hardwood floors offer beauty, warmth, and longevity. Whether your bedroom’s style is rustic or romantic, traditional or funky, moody and dramatic or light and breezy, you’re sure to find a hardwood floor that fits the bill.

Although hardwood floors aren’t going to be as soft or resilient as carpet or cork, the planks are softer and warmer underfoot than tile or even laminate. And if you really dread the thought of putting your bare feet down on a chilly floor in the morning, you can always use area rugs.

In bedrooms (for adults, anyway!), you don’t have to worry about heavy foot traffic or spills like you do in other areas of the home. Your beautiful hardwood floors won’t be in as much danger of staining, scratches, or denting in your bedroom as they would if they were in, say, your kitchen. They can be a little noisy, however. If you’re worried about sound transmission between floors, use an underlayment to help dampen noise.

Luxury vinyl

Engineered Floors

If you really want the look of hardwood in your bedroom but you’re working with a more limited budget, luxury vinyl is a great alternative. While you might think of vinyl flooring as cheap or fake-looking, today’s luxury vinyl flooring actually looks pretty realistic. You can even find luxury vinyl that looks like reclaimed wood or exotic hardwood species that would cost a small fortune for the real stuff, at a fraction of the price. You can also find luxury vinyl that looks like tile, stone, or concrete, and it’ll feel softer and warmer underfoot than the real thing.

Luxury vinyl is also pretty tough, but it can be susceptible to scratching or even indentation from heavy furniture, so be sure to use furniture protectors on heavy pieces like wardrobes or beds. Unlike hardwood, it can’t be sanded or refinished if it’s scratched or scuffed – you’ll have to replace the damaged plank. And since vinyl flooring does contain plastic and other man-made materials, it can off-gas or pose air quality problems, especially if you don’t choose a floor with FloorScore certification.

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