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What’s the Best Carpet for Bedrooms?

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April 24, 2023

You know that carpet is a great bedroom flooring choice. But: which carpet is the best carpet for bedrooms? Is it berber carpet? Plush? Frieze? What about nylon or triexta? And of course, which of the best carpet brands make good bedroom carpet? You have questions—and we have answers! 

Critics Favorites for Carpet
Below are our 3 favorite carpet brands based on consumer reviews and our 2023 reader poll.

Proximity Mills
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Visit their site | Find a retailer | Order samples
Visit their site | Find a retailer | Order samples

In this guide, you’ll find all the pros and cons of putting carpet in a bedroom. Then, we’ll go over which carpets make the best carpets for bedrooms, plus features to look out for. Finally, we’ll go over some FAQs to clear up any lingering confusion.

Ready to learn about the best carpet for bedrooms? Let’s begin!

Table of Contents

What Are the Pros and Cons of Putting Carpet in a Bedroom?

best carpet for bedrooms rug and slippers

First, let’s go over all the advantages and disadvantages of using carpet as a bedroom flooring option

Keep in mind that we’re talking about the general perks of using carpet here. We’ll go over the best carpet for bedrooms (by type) in the next section.

Pro: Carpet is Warm and Comfortable (Which Is Nice for Bedrooms)

Comfort tops many lists of priorities when it comes to bedroom flooring. And almost no other type of flooring can compete with carpet when it comes to comfort! 

Carpet won’t freeze your feet in colder months (or when your spouse covertly drops the thermostat) and its soft surface is warm and inviting.

In fact, this is why many homeowners choose carpet over hardwood or install carpet rather than laminate in the bedroom. 

Pro: Carpet Has Sound Dampening Qualities (So It’s Nice and Quiet)

Carpet absorbs noise better than any other common flooring type, so it’s the best flooring choice if you want a relaxing bedroom environment.

The only other floor coverings that compare in this regard are some of the best cork flooring products and something called WPC flooring, which is a type of rigid core luxury vinyl. But of course, neither of these offers carpet’s softness.

Pro: The Best Bedroom Carpet Can Be Bought for a Modest Price

Carpet has a huge price range. You can find options for less than $1/sq. ft. or over $30/sq. ft. 

That said, the best carpet for bedrooms tends to emphasize value. You can find high-quality options between $2–$7/sq. ft. before installation.

To put that price in context, let’s compare it to what you’d pay for when buying a hardwood floor. Domestic hardwood species usually go for $3–$10/sq. ft. while exotic hardwoods can cost $15/sq. ft. or more. 

And while carpet should be professionally cleaned periodically, these costs are pretty tame compared to the cost of refinishing a hardwood floor. This means the average (total) cost of wood flooring is much higher than the total cost of carpet.

That said, the best laminate flooring brands and best vinyl plank flooring brands sell good hardwood floor alternatives that are more affordable than real hardwood. So if you don’t like carpet, you still have inexpensive options—they’re just not as cozy.

Pro: Carpet Is Pet-Friendly (for the Most Part)

Carpet is hands-down some of the best flooring for dogs and other pets (and as we mentioned above, it’s much cheaper than the best wood flooring for dogs). 

Dogs and cats like comfort just as much as people do, so it’s not surprising that carpet would be pet friendly. Plus, the best carpet for pets also resists stains, wear and tear from claws, and is easy to clean and maintain.

Pro: Maintaining Carpet Is Easy!

Regular carpet maintenance is super easy; 90% of the time, all it takes is some quick vacuum work and—voila!—clean carpets.

That said, we’re emphasizing “regular” because most carpets need to be professionally cleaned every so often. But like we said, professional carpet cleaning doesn’t even come close to the hassle and cost of refinishing even the best hardwood floors, so carpet maintenance is still the easier option overall.

Plus, as we’ll discuss in a moment, the best carpet for bedrooms is generally pretty stain-resistant—so you won’t be penalized if you get a little lax with your cleaning routine.

Con: Even the Best Carpet for Bedrooms Can Be Susceptible to Some Stains

Speaking of stain resistance: many of the top carpet brands make truly stain-resistant products. But stain resistant and stain proof are 2 different things. 

You can probably expect synthetic carpets to resist most stains throughout the course of their lifetime, but you may notice lighter-colored carpets taking on a less-than-pristine shade after several years. 

Professional carpet cleanings will go a long way in limiting this effect, but it’s hard, if not impossible to keep any carpet spotless indefinitely.

Con: Carpet Replacement Is Expensive and Difficult

Removing carpet is not an easy task. It’s glued to the subfloor (what is subflooring?), and lifting that glue requires a lot of tedious heating and scraping. Any kind of lengthy, tedious work is going to cost more. 

Translation: the cost to remove carpet can rival the cost to install engineered hardwood, so if you’re considering replacing your carpet with hardwood, it’s something to consider.

Moreover, if you’re only looking for a temporary flooring solution, you may want to look for an easier, DIY flooring option to install like peel-and-stick carpet tiles or floating vinyl plank flooring.

Con: The Environmental Considerations for Bedroom Carpet May Be Important

While wool carpets are sustainably sourced, synthetic carpets aren’t always the most eco-friendly flooring products on the market. 

Synthetic carpet is at least partially made from oil and isn’t biodegradable—neither of these qualities is going to earn it great marks from any reputable environmentalist. 

However, it’s not all bad. Many carpet manufacturers are moving towards greener production methods and materials. Plus, an increasing number of synthetic carpets are partially or fully recyclable, like Newton carpet

Con: Professional Carpet Cleanings May Occasionally Be Needed

Like we said above, most carpets need to be professionally cleaned every now and then to maintain their look and texture. How often? It depends on the product but it normally ranges between twice a year to once every 1–5 years. 

It’s also worth noting that some carpet warranties are voided if the product isn’t professionally cleaned at set intervals. 

Of course, a professional carpet cleaning typically isn’t that expensive and only takes a few hours. Compared to the requirements for keeping hardwood floors in tip-top shape, carpet still feels like a bargain.

Sidenote: if you don’t want any kind of persistent maintenance (beyond ordinary sweeping or vacuuming), EVP flooring products like COREtec flooring have no special cleaning requirements. But again: they aren’t soft!

So, Overall: Is Carpet a Good Choice for Bedrooms?

Unquestionably. The best carpet for bedrooms is economical, comfortable, and comes in a huge array of styles.

While the environmental concerns are noteworthy, many of the best carpet brands make products that incorporate green principles into their manufacturing and sourcing. And: most bedrooms see limited foot traffic so the cleaning concerns are less problematic than they would be in a living room or other heavily trafficked space. 

All in all, carpet is one of the best flooring ideas for bedrooms. 

The Best Carpet Fibers for Bedrooms

Hand touching a bedroom carpet

Ok, now that we’ve talked about why carpet is great for bedrooms, let’s talk specifics.

Carpet can be made from many different types of materials, though not all of these fiber options are equal in quality or value. The options below are some of the fibers that the best carpet for bedrooms are made from, and here’s why:


If you want the best bedroom carpet (or at least the most durable bedroom carpet), type 6,6 nylon products are your answer. These carpets offer superior durability and stain resistance, in addition to fantastic heat and moisture resistance. They’re also more resistant to fading than ordinary nylon.

If you have kids or pets, type 6,6 nylon carpets are the way to go because they can put up with more rigorous wear and tear a lot longer. In fact, these products are a fantastic lifetime choice.

The downside: only a few flooring companies, such as Proximity Mills, Karastan, and Newton,  offer type 6,6 nylon products. Most nylon carpets use type 6,0 fabric, which is still very good.


Ordinary polyester carpets are considered alternatives to nylon products: they’re not bad by any means, but they don’t perform quite as well as their nylon counterparts. 

However, solution-dyed polyester products are among the best carpet for bedrooms because of their cost-to-value ratio, elite softness, fade resistance, and general durability. 

Newton flooring is one of the few brands to carry solution-dyed polyester (they’re also one of the best engineered wood flooring brands, interestingly) for a surprisingly modest price.


Triexta is a newer fiber made by DuPont, which licenses the material to companies like Mohawk—the maker of RevWood—under the SmartStrand name. In fact, Mohawk SmartStrand is probably the most popular triexta product available, though many smaller companies carry it too (like Lees carpet).

Technically, triexta is a form of polyester, but unlike nylon and ordinary polyester, it substitutes a sizable portion of its oil base with corn glucose. This makes it a little more eco-friendly without sacrificing its general durability. Performance-wise, it’s only outclassed by type 6,6 nylon. 


If your idea of the best carpet for bedrooms is eco-friendliness, wool is the best choice. It’s surprisingly strong and stain-resistant for a natural fiber, stacking up well against even the best synthetic carpets.

So what’s the catch? Outside of a handful of brands like Doma flooring, wool carpet is expensive. It’s hard to find options for less than $7 or $8/sq. ft. So nowadays, wool carpet is generally seen as a luxury option.

What Are the Best Types of Carpet for Bedrooms?

In addition to all the different materials used to make carpet, there are tons of different textures and styles available. 

As with virtually any flooring debate, the best carpet for bedrooms depends heavily on your needs. Not everyone uses their bedroom the same way, and this nuance can dramatically affect which types of carpet make the most sense to invest in.

Bedroom Carpet Options Like Frieze and Plush Are the Most Comfortable

If you want something comfortable and relaxing, you can’t go wrong with cut pile carpets like frieze or plush. 

These carpets have long fibers that act as a pillow beneath your feet. They also offer the best insulation, so they’re warm and absorb sound really well.

Berber and Other Loop Carpets Are More Durable

Loop carpets like berber aren’t as comfortable as frieze or plush carpets since the fibers are woven into the backing rather than standing up—but they’re also cheaper, on average.

Don’t Forget Area Rugs (Hint: You Can Place Them Over Other Types of Flooring)

If you want the comfort of carpet but not the long-term commitment, you can always get an area rug. Let’s say you love hardwood but aren’t excited about stepping on cold, hard floors every morning. An area rug beneath your bed can offer some quick comfort before you find socks or slippers!

Sidenote: you can also put a rug on carpet if you want to mix textures or styles.

What Are the Features That Make a Carpet the Best Carpet for Bedrooms?

All the best carpets for a bedroom will hit the same goals; here’s what you should look for.

The Best Carpet for Bedrooms Needs to Have a Good Texture

Texture is an underrated feature in general, and it’s super important when you’re shopping for the best bedroom carpet. 

Too often, carpet is broken down into comfortable or uncomfortable categories, but this ignores a lot of nuances created by different styles.

Obviously, comfort is important and definitely not something you should sacrifice without cause. However, there’s a lot you can do with texture. For example, many manufacturers mix textures to create visible surface patterns that accentuate a more involved or luxurious decor style. 

All that’s to say, texture doesn’t have to be just about comfort. It can also be used for looks if you want.

Don’t Ignore the Costs (Stick to a Budget)

This applies any time you’re looking for new flooring, actually, but it’s really important that you plan out your budget beforehand.

The best carpet products can have a huge price range, and you don’t want to be stuck paying more than you bargained for. Be sure to account for installation and maintenance costs too.

A Thicker Carpet Pad Is Ideal

Carpet pad is kind of like underlayment for vinyl flooring—some options merely provide a firm foundation that supports the carpet, while others are intended to enhance the floor’s overall comfort.

Since most carpet padding costs less than $1/sq. ft., it’s an economical way to improve your carpet’s softness. Note that some contenders for the best-carpet-for-bedrooms crown come with pre-attached carpet pads, though.

Low-VOC Carpet Is the Healthiest Choice…

No other room in your house benefits from low-VOC flooring as much as your bedroom, where you sleep and likely spend a significant portion of your time at home. 

So what’s there to worry about? 

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are harmful chemicals that are commonly found in flooring and other manufactured products. The EPA and American Lung Association both say that VOCs can have a serious effect on your health with months or years of exposure (i.e. breathing in these chemicals while you’re sleeping every night).

Unsurprisingly, the best carpet for bedrooms is synonymous with zero- or low-VOC carpet. These products are way less likely to cause any kind of minor or serious health effects.

Note: if you want low-VOC flooring but aren’t crazy about carpet, there are non-toxic laminate and low-VOC vinyl flooring products too.

…and Eco-Friendly Carpet May Be Ideal Too

While we’re on a health kick, why not look for environmentally friendly flooring too? 

Wool carpets are (often) expensive, but their environmental impact is really minor compared to synthetic carpets like nylon. Alternatively, synthetic carpets made from recycled materials and/or those that incorporate sustainable production practices can lessen your carbon footprint too.

Best Bedroom Carpet Styles: Do You Want Patterned Carpet or Solid-Color Carpet?

Lastly, if you want the best carpet for bedrooms, you probably want options

Luckily, you can find high-quality carpet in just about any style imaginable. Whether you want an elegantly patterned carpet to complement a high-style master suite or a solid-color carpet for a simpler aesthetic, your options are very, very open.

Should You Always Pick the Softest Carpet for Your Bedrooms?

This goes back to the old paradox, never say never. There are real-life situations where it might make sense to choose a bedroom carpet that emphasizes durability over comfort. 

Higher Pile Is Softer; Lower Pile Is More Durable

First, let’s establish that carpet with a high or deep pile has longer carpet fibers. This makes the carpet super soft and comfy, but also puts it at risk for snagging, tearing, and so on. 

Generally speaking, deep pile carpets are less durable than low pile carpets. Think about it this way, destroying low pile carpet is kind of like trying to untangle a million tangled headphone cords after shoving them in your pocket. This is why low pile carpet also tends to be the best carpet for stairs and other high-traffic applications.

What About Cut Pile vs. Loop Pile Carpet?

Choosing between cut pile carpets and loop pile carpets also matters, but to a lesser extent. 

We’ve already mentioned that deeper cut-pile carpets like plush or frieze are the comfiest options, but you can also find lower cut-pile carpets that blend durability with comfort. 

Does Your Bedroom Double as an Office or Have Any Other Uses?

So, the question is: what do you use your bedroom for? It’s not a trick question: this will help you find the best carpet for your bedroom! 

If you’re only sleeping and binging Netflix, your floors are probably seeing very little foot traffic—so a more comfortable carpet is the way to go.

But: if you’re using your bedroom as an office or for some other purpose during the day, you might be better off with a floor that can accommodate foot traffic better, like berber carpet.

Alternatively, a product from one of the best vinyl plank flooring brands, such as Proximity Mills or Mannington vinyl flooring, will serve a high-traffic room well. But of course, one of the disadvantages of vinyl plank flooring is that it’s not nearly as comfy as carpet is.

The Best Carpet for Bedrooms: FAQs

Before we wrap up this guide on choosing the best carpet for bedrooms, let’s answer just a few more questions!

What Type of Carpet Is the Most Durable? Does Durability Even Matter for Bedrooms?

Low pile loop carpets like berber are the most durable—but the thing about bedroom carpet is that it doesn’t need to be the most durable. Like we just said before, if your floor sees little traffic, you really don’t need superior durability. 

An analogy: you only need the most durable wood flooring or the best vinyl flooring if your room sees a constant influx of people and activity. If that isn’t the case, why not choose comfort?

What Is the Softest Carpet for Bedrooms?

If you define the best bedroom carpeting as being super soft, then deep pile carpet is your answer. 

As for fiber materials, any of the carpets we’ve mentioned in this guide work (e.g. nylon, polyester, triexta, or wool). 

What Color of Carpet Is the Easiest to Keep Clean?

This depends on what you mean by “easiest to keep clean.” 

Color has zero bearing on how dirty a carpet can be, but it affects how dirty a carpet can look. Darker color carpets or those with vibrant colors are less likely to show dirt, grime, or stains. 

Although, the best carpet for most bedrooms is easy to clean and stain-resistant so any color can work (as long as you don’t mind vacuuming it periodically).

However, if you’re really worried about your floors looking dirty, we’d recommend a premium PVC flooring option instead because these floors are so easy to clean and don’t hold dirt.

What Type of Carpet Is Best Overall?

Type 6,6 nylon carpets probably offer the best overall performance. Their only weakness is that they’re not super eco-friendly. 

If buying green is important to you, then wool is the best carpet for your bedroom. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with type 6,6 nylon.

Can You Buy Luxury Bedroom Carpet?

You bet! Brands like Paradiso and Fabrica specialize in creating luxury products, including carpets. A good portion of Paradiso’s carpet catalog is even woven by hand.


One last thing before we wrap up on the best carpet for bedrooms: independent flooring stores carry all the best carpet products. No question.

Big box stores may carry a decent selection and try to wow you with seemingly good deals, but their products are typically lesser versions of what you’d find in a real flooring store. 

If you go to a big box store looking for the best bedroom carpet, you may find yourself needlessly sacrificing key features or settling for a style or color option you wouldn’t have chosen otherwise.

Instead, check out a local, top-rated flooring store (one that actually hires flooring experts) and enjoy a much better shopping experience. 

On the other hand, if you’re not quite sure that the best carpet for bedrooms is what you’re looking for right now, maybe the articles below will help you out! Either way, thanks for reading and good luck on your flooring journey!

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Laminate Resources

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