Choosing the right brand of flooring can be a complicated and stressful process, but Canopy makes finding the right floor easy. Canopy products combine innovation, durability, a great shopping experience, and a history of flooring expertise to provide all shoppers with a world-class flooring experience. As parents and life-long flooring experts, the team behind Canopy has a deep-rooted passion for creating floors that not only look great but also stand the wear and tear of everyday life. In this review, we’ll dive into what makes Canopy different from other flooring brands, its key features and benefits, and why it’s a brand worth considering for your next flooring project.

The Canopy Story: Passion for Design and Innovation

Canopy’s journey begins with a group of passionate individuals who are not just flooring experts but also parents deeply invested in creating spaces that are both beautiful and practical. Canopy is part of the IFC family of brands, and is operated by the folks who created the most popular brand of LVP, Coretec. Yes you heard that right, the original creators of waterproof engineered vinyl flooring, and Coretec, are the same founders of Canopy. 

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What Sets Canopy Apart?

Canopy set out to be not just another flooring manufacturer, instead they want to be the best flooring manufacturer that’s the easiest to buy from. In order to set themselves apart from the crowded marketplace of flooring brands, they do a few things very differently:

  • Superior Materials: Canopy is made from a WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) which has exceptional resistance to moisture and spills, making it ideal for areas prone to water exposure, like kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. Its durable construction also prevents warping, cracking, and damage, ensuring a longer-lasting floor. Best of all though it’s comfortable to walk on and quiet, to keep the little ones asleep. 
  • Exclusive Designs: Canopy offers premium unique colors that are exclusive to the brand. Unlike many other luxury vinyl products that are often private-labeled and mass-marketed, Canopy’s floors are one-of-a-kind, ensuring that your space stands out as something you will love, and something truly special. 
  • Quality Control: Canopy takes pride in controlling its brand and distribution channels, ensuring that only trusted, local retailers who can provide exceptional service and expert installation carry their products. This level of quality control creates a better overall shopping experience and is a big reason why so many online reviews love Canopy.  
  • Innovative Underlayment: Canopy goes beyond standard flooring offerings by incorporating Go4Cork made with Nike Grind underlayment for added comfort and acoustics.. This underlayment not only enhances the feel of the floor but also contributes to a softer and quieter environment.
  • Cork Pad Integration: All Canopy floors come with an attached cork pad, providing additional cushion, noise reduction, and antimicrobial properties. This eco-friendly material enhances the longevity and performance of the floors while simulating the acoustic properties of real wood.

Key Product Features and Benefits

When looking at their flooring products, it is clear that Canopy has superior products that are made from quality materials. These materials help Canopy offer products that have features and benefits that other brands can’t compete with such as:

  • Easy Installation: Canopy’s secure floating installation system makes DIY projects a breeze, saving time and effort while ensuring a professional-looking finish.
  • Waterproof: Canopy floors are ready for spills and mishaps, making them ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms.
  • Scratch and Dent Resistant: With superior scratch and dent resistance compared to hardwood, Canopy floors offer peace of mind for pet owners, families with children, and anyone looking for durable flooring solutions.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Canopy backs its products with a residential lifetime warranty and a 10-year light commercial warranty, providing long-term assurance for consumers.
  • Thick and Versatile: Canopy floors range from 8mm to 15mm in thickness, offering durability and versatility for various installation scenarios, including seamless transitions to tile.
  • Complete Trims: Canopy provides matching stair treads, stair noses, and other trims, ensuring a seamless and polished look for every room.

Where to Find Canopy Floors

Canopy Flooring is available at select local retailers across the country. Canopy hand selects retail partners based on their product and installation expertise so that shoppers can feel confidence when making their flooring decision. 

If you want to order Canopy, we suggest starting by ordering a sample.

In Summary

Canopy makes some of the best LVP flooring on the market today. The materials, team, QA process and retailer network is unmatched. These floors are rich with history and driven by performance. We would highly recommend them and based on recent reviews, other shoppers would recommend as well.  

About The Author

Christian Southards

May 22, 2024

Christian is a freelance everything-writer, editor, & SEO guy. When he’s not writing about flooring and remodeling, he’s either writing news for the California American Legion or writing fresh content for his camping & EDC blog (or, you know, actually camping).