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Author: Rebecca Collett

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The Ultimate Guide to Low-VOC Flooring 2023

There has been a big push in recent years to make low-VOC flooring more widely available. And we think that’s wonderful! Whatever stage of the building process you’re in, picking a floor that won’t make you or your loved ones ill is incredibly important. Does that mean all floors that aren’t low in VOCs will make you sick? Of course not! But there are definitely some things to consider in 2023.

eco-friendly flooring featured image: a family dreaming of sustainability

19 Fantastic Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

On the hunt for eco-friendly flooring options? You’re not alone! If you’re anything like us, your ideal types of flooring aren’t just strong and beautiful—they’re sustainable and environmentally friendly, too. Maybe you’re searching for mudroom flooring that’s not going to muddy the planet. Maybe you’re looking for the best wood flooring for dogs and for Mother Nature. Or maybe you’re dreaming of sunroom flooring that’s going to keep the sun shining on a greener tomorrow.

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