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Cost to Install Engineered Hardwood Floors Featured Image

How Much Does it Cost to Install Engineered Hardwood Floors?

Updated December 3, 2020 How much does it cost to install engineered hardwood floors? That’s a good question—and one with an interesting (or at least a complicated) answer. If you’re thinking about changing up the flooring in your home, you’re not alone. We all know that buying hardwood floors can add timeless style, warmth, and […]

Concrete Flooring That Looks Like Wood Featured Image

Why Concrete Flooring That Looks Like Wood is So Darn Cool

May 29, 2020 Been browsing Pinterest for ideas on how to replace your flooring? Understandable. Wowed by pictures of concrete flooring that looks like wood? Very understandable.  Everyone loves the look of hardwood, but it’s not always the right floor for the job. It costs more than many other options, it requires a good bit […]

Cork Flooring Lowes Featured Image of a person buying flooring at a box store

Is the Cork Flooring Lowes Sells Actually Worth Buying?

May 26, 2020 Looking at the cork flooring Lowes sells and wondering if it’s actually worth buying? You’re not alone. Box stores like Lowes and Home Depot sell just about all the types of flooring there are, but it’s hard to know whether or not they’re worth buying. And that goes double when it comes […]

Wood is a great outdoor flooring option

15 Beautiful and Affordable Outdoor Flooring Options

Updated May 13, 2021 Flooring: it’s not just for indoors! Putting down flooring can add utility and enjoyment to any outdoor area. But with so many types of flooring out there, you may be wondering which outdoor flooring options are the best for your needs.  The truth is, there’s no one type of flooring that’s […]

What is Laminate Flooring Featured Image

What is Laminate Flooring: Laminate 101

Updated March 26, 2021 You’ve seen it everywhere, from home improvement blogs to Home Depot’s website—laminate flooring as far as the eye can see. But you still don’t really understand—what is laminate flooring, exactly? It’s a question we hear all the time. Simply put, laminate flooring is a composite flooring material. It’s composed of multiple […]