Jimmy Contreras avatarJimmy Contreras

Apr 21, 2022

Good company and great prices
Barbara Speas avatarBarbara Speas

Apr 12, 2022

Get all my carpet needs here. John and his employees are always friendly and helpful. And I'm always pleased with the installers. Recommend to anyone seeking flooring!
Daniel Deverall avatarDaniel Deverall

Mar 8, 2021

This place is the best for flooring because they have the best prices and only stock the best products!
Logan Mickelsen avatarLogan Mickelsen

Dec 5, 2020

They seem to have decent product but they are hard to get a hold of and take a long time to respond with answers once you do reach them. Been waiting on them to respond and put on their schedule for a while now.
Seth and Patti Kanter avatarSeth and Patti Kanter

Dec 4, 2020

Tessa was very helpful. Choices are great.
Shania Cunningham avatarShania Cunningham

Oct 25, 2020

Love the new carpets we got! Would recommend this company for the quality of their product. However, there are a couple chief complaints when it came to the installation. First, there are lines where the carpet from the hallways meet the bedrooms at the doorframe. Not a big line! Not enough to bother them to come fix it, but noticeable enough where I’m surprised they were ok to leave it like that? Second, my husband and I were away for the summer when they came to install it and we were surprised at where they had put/failed to put carpet. When the guy came to our house and gave us a quote we requested that wherever there was carpet now we wanted carpet there again (which was the stairs the entire second floor. Our main floor is cheap self installed LVP from the owner before us). We had the expectation that the quote reflected our wishes. When we returned from the summer we noticed that the wings on our stairs were missing the carpet and now it’s just unpainted drywall. My husband called to have them come fix it, but it turns out it wasn’t apart of our initial quote. Normally I wouldn’t mind... it’s an easy fix for us and we intend to just paint the drywall. BUT now I’m concerned we paid for something we didn’t want. When we came home they had put carpet underneath our stairs, where before it was just a slap of concrete (so no carpet to begin with and we didn’t want carpet there to end with) my husband made the comment that they might of had extra carpet and just put it under there for us, but if they weren’t wanting to spare the extra carpet on the stairs why would they put it under our stairs? Anyways, now I’m concerned that I paid for carpet I don’t need because we intend to put LVP on our whole main floor (including under the stairs) in a year anyways. Would recommend that this company works on their communication with the customers. I had no idea that we were not clear enough with the instructions that we wanted carpet where there was carpet.
Deckit Spas Idaho Falls avatarDeckit Spas Idaho Falls

Aug 22, 2020

Great people to work with, they know their stuff and have great pricing.
Desiree Lowney avatarDesiree Lowney

Jun 2, 2020

Great folks!