Cindy Miller avatarCindy Miller

Apr 21, 2022

These people are great. Helped us through the whole process. The installer was very professional and careful with all our things. Highly recommend.
Robin W avatarRobin W

Mar 30, 2022

Super helpful staff, wrote down all pricing & info we discussed, will be back!!
Maria Seybert avatarMaria Seybert

Dec 1, 2021

We will probably make a purchase. The tile selection was rather overwhelming. Who knew ML & C would have such an impressive selection. Every employee was patient and super helpful. I'm willing to go with their expertise when I make my purchase.
Robyn Krawczak avatarRobyn Krawczak

Jun 23, 2021

Beautiful work - 5 stars. Unfortunately the pandemic hit and I have not been able to get my finishing touches on my bathroom yet! It has been since January of 2020.Tried to reschedule since March of this year and still is NOT done!! I am not happy. They came this week (June 2021) and completed everything! It is very beautiful - so I added 2 stars since it is now finished.
Edy Hansen avatarEdy Hansen

Mar 16, 2021

Our designer, Brionna, was very knowledgable and helpful in every step of our purchase.
Brent Peterson avatarBrent Peterson

Nov 16, 2020

Great place! Nice people.
Bonnie Downey avatarBonnie Downey

Oct 12, 2020

Excellent experience. Alicia was extremely helpful.
Tarek Lussier avatarTarek Lussier

Sep 16, 2020

The best in town!