Urban 6 X36 in Evolve - Tile by Shaw Flooring

Urban 6 X36

by Shaw FloorsTile
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Product Overview

Appealing and heavy-duty Urban 6 X36 tile by Shaw Flooring joins lasting value with luxurious style. Available in a variety of color selections, this Evolve (00500) variant demonstrates the incredible beauty that tile can offer.

Urban 6 X36 tiles by Shaw Flooring measure 2' 11" long by 5" wide with a thickness of 0.31".

In this Evolve (00500) color style, the SKU for Shaw Flooring’s Urban 6 X36 tile is 00500_SA943.


  • Length
    2 feet 11 inches
  • Width
    5 inches
  • Thickness
    0.31 inches

Sizes refer to individual pieces.


Shaw Flooring

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