Riviera 4x8 Bn in Palladium - Tile by Shaw Flooring

Riviera 4x8 Bn

by Shaw FloorsTile
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Product Overview

Beautiful and heavy-duty Riviera 4x8 Bn tile by Shaw Flooring combines long-term value with luxurious style. Available in a range of color selections, this Palladium (00200) variant demonstrates the incredible beauty that tile can offer.

Riviera 4x8 Bn tiles by Shaw Flooring measure 7" long by 3" wide.

In this Palladium (00200) color style, the SKU for Shaw Flooring’s Riviera 4x8 Bn tile is 00200_CS28P.


  • Length
    7 inches
  • Width
    3 inches

Sizes refer to individual pieces.


Shaw Flooring
Color Tones
Golds / Yellows

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