Villa Grande Fleck in 06 F - Carpet by Mohawk Flooring

Villa Grande Fleck

by MohawkCarpet
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Room Scene of Villa Grande Fleck - Carpet by Mohawk Flooring

Product Overview

Appealing and cozy, Villa Grande Fleck carpet by Mohawk Flooring combines lasting comfort with luxurious options. Offered in a range of styles, this 06 F variation is made from fibers.

The SKU for Mohawk Flooring’s Villa Grande Fleck carpet in this 06 F variant is R2F61 06 120 A. It is available in rolls 12' wide.


  • Length
    125 feet
  • Width
    12 feet

Sizes refer to individual pieces.


R2F61 06 120 A
Mohawk Flooring

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