Timeless Triversa  Terrene in Brown Swirl - Vinyl by Congoleum

Timeless Triversa Terrene

by CongoleumVinyl
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Product Overview

Stunning and resilient, Timeless Triversa Terrene vinyl flooring by Congoleum joins made-to-last value with one-of-a-kind Tile Look visuals. Available in a range of appearance options, the beauty and convenience of this Brown Swirl variant show why more and more homeowners are selecting to buy modern vinyl flooring.

In this Brown Swirl style, Timeless Triversa Terrene vinyl planks by Congoleum measure 3' long by 6" wide.

The SKU for Congoleum’s Timeless Triversa Terrene vinyl planks in Brown Swirl is TV502. Similar to many vinyl floors, this product is great for residential and other applications and can be installed using a SmartLock Clic System method.


  • Length
    3 feet
  • Width
    6 inches

Sizes refer to individual pieces.


Tile Look
Color Tones
Greys / Blacks
Installation Method
SmartLock Clic System

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