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Flooring Comparisons


Laminate vs. hardwood: A side-by-side look at two great flooring options

Today’s laminate flooring is beautiful. With a variety of styles and textures, a quality laminate product can look just like hardwood. But it’s important to note that laminate and hardwood are not the same product. Each product has its own makeup, features, benefits, and ideal installations.  Want to learn more about what makes each product […]


Solid vs. engineered hardwood: A closer look at their differences

Hardwood flooring is a huge category. If you’re thinking about putting hardwood floors in your home, there’s so much to consider. In addition to species, plank size, cut, and tone, you’ll also have to decide which type of hardwood flooring you want – solid or engineered. While both are available in a variety of styles, […]

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