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Stars, Stripes, and Style: Incorporating Americana design into your home

As the Fourth of July approaches, it’s fun to look at how different American elements have worked their way into home design. A combination of different styles, Americana design incorporates hints of rustic, farmhouse, transitional, and even coastal decor – think reclaimed wood, neutral color palettes, painted furniture, warm and inviting spaces – while throwing in a unique flair of its own. Want to capture an Americana air in your own space? Here are some ways to do it!

Be judicious with your reds, whites, and blues

Incorporating Old Glory’s colors seems like a pretty obvious part of embracing Americana style. Figuring out how to weave that color palette into you space without looking like you’ve wallpapered your room with flags, though? That’s another story.

How you choose to utilize these colors depends on your own style preferences. For instance, you can opt for a warmer, neutral backdrop like a cream, gray, or beige, and incorporate pops of muted crimson and denim by using throw pillows. Or, maybe you’d like to use crisp whites and rich navys as your main colors, with a cherry red vase or lampshade as an accent. Or, simply choose two out of three colors to focus on. For example, geometric red and white tiles can add a bright retro look to your kitchen.

Work in some wood


In terms of Americana-inspired materials, hardwood is king. Domestic species like oak, maple, walnut, and hickory lend themselves especially well to traditional Americana decor. If real hardwood floors aren’t in your budget, consider wood-look laminate or luxury vinyl tile. You’ll find plenty of options that look just as lovely as the real deal!

Embracing wood isn’t limited to your floors. Pallets and milk crates can make for fun DIY storage pieces, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate wood with furniture or wall art.

Accessorize with vintage pieces

There’s a certain old-time charm to Americana design, one that borrows from a few historical periods. From patchwork quilts and decorative spinning wheels to old license plates and retro Coke bottles, Americana design celebrates American history. 

Something to keep in mind – trying to incorporate too many vintage pieces into one space can make your home look disorganized. Avoid this by sticking with one time period’s aesthetic. 

Play with pattern – and texture

Photo courtesy of The Lilypad Cottage

The Americana color palette often skews toward muted tones, so patterns and texture are great ways to invigorate the space. Stars and stripes are certainly a given here, but gingham, chevron, and checkerboard patterns are all at home in an Americana-inspired room. 

In terms of texture, rustic, reclaimed and painted woods are key, but they’re not the only textures that work well here. For instance, burnished metals, wicker, glass, twine, and burlap are all textures that work well with Americana design.

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