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Flexible vs. Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring

May 4, 2021 So: what’s the difference between flexible core and rigid core luxury vinyl flooring? Is one better than the other? Do some brands sell one, but not the other? While these are pretty simple questions, their answers are surprisingly complex. That’s why below, we’re going to explain everything you need to know about […]

Light Wood Floors Featured Image

Your Guide to Light Wood Flooring

April 28, 2021 Love the look of light wood floors? We don’t blame you! Light-colored wood floors are sleek, easy to maintain, and can give some extra *oomph* to just about any room. But we know: hardwood isn’t always the easiest flooring to install, and it comes at a relatively high price point. So before […]

Outdoor Vinyl Flooring Featured Image

Outdoor Vinyl Flooring: Guide & Brands

April 21, 2021 Outdoor vinyl flooring: is it the same as indoor vinyl flooring? Does it actually last in the elements? Who makes it? Is it even a thing? We know you’ve got questions. And luckily, we’ve got the answers. While most vinyl products are strictly intended for indoor use, vinyl is a seriously robust […]

Glue Down Vinyl Plank Flooring FI

Glue-Down Vinyl Plank Flooring 101

April 20, 2021 So: is it better to glue down vinyl plank flooring, or to install it as a floating floor? It’s an age-old question (well, old-ish), and there’s really no right or wrong answer either way. Both options have their own sets of challenges and perks—and luckily, we’re here to lay them all out […]

Best Laminate Flooring Featured Image

The Best Laminate Flooring: Reviews, Brands, & More

April 14, 2021 So you’re looking for the best laminate flooring, and you have some questions.  Which products should you look for, and which should you avoid? What features should high-quality laminate have? And most importantly, what are the best laminate flooring brands to buy from?  Don’t worry, friend: we’ve got the answers. In this […]