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Author: Dr. Sara Austin

How to Replace Flooring: 8 Excellent Ideas

Is there anything better than a brand new floor? We might be a little biased here, but we’re pretty sure the answer is an emphatic no. And that’s because replacing your floors can completely transform your space! You can make a sterile-looking room as cozy as it comes with some carpet or cork, or improve the value and appearance of your entire home with some hardwood or travertine. 

Best Cork Flooring FI—Man holding cork plank

The Best Cork Flooring Options & 11 Reasons They’re Awesome

You’ve heard a lot about the pros and cons of cork flooring, but how do you know if it’s right for you? We know—there are endless types of flooring to choose from. And even if you do decide on cork, most of the best cork flooring options come in different sizes, shapes, and finishes.

The Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring

Looking into the pros and cons of cork flooring? We get it. Cork flooring is rising in popularity, and for good reason—it’s environmentally friendly, it’s comfortable, and it comes in an almost endless variety of colors and patterns. But the truth is, many people don’t even consider cork as a viable type of flooring—and we get that too. The cork in your wine bottle doesn’t necessarily seem like an ideal floor material; it seems squishy and fragile. Have you ever pulled out a dry cork and had it crumble into a sad mess? Why would you want your floor to do that?