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Author: Dr. Sara Austin

Douglas fir flooring featured image

Douglas Fir Flooring Pros and Cons

Why look into Douglas fir flooring pros and cons? So many reasons. Douglas fir is one of those subtle-but-amazing types of wood flooring that you don’t hear about too often. But these days, people are starting to realize just how lovely Douglas fir flooring can be—and we think that’s great!

Teak Flooring Swatch

Teak Flooring Pros and Cons

Looking into teak flooring pros and cons? Ooh la la. Of all the types of wood flooring you could choose, teak is one of the most elegant. With a deep brown tone and a long, even grain, teak just looks like luxury. Imagine waking up on a yacht. The boat rocks gently as waves lap at the hull. You crack one eye open, then the other. As your bare feet step out onto the sun-drenched teak deck, you wonder to yourself: “why haven’t I installed teak in my house so I can feel this pampered every day?” 

Wood Floor Patterns featured image of a herringbone kitchen

8 Quintessential Wood Floor Patterns

People have been creating wood floor patterns for thousands of years—and it’s easy to see why. From the classic look of horizontal strips to the elegance of herringbone parquet, patterned wood floors are absolutely stunning! 

Pine Swatch

Pine Flooring: The Pros and Cons

Are you pine-curious? We don’t blame you. Pine flooring is a classic, timeless flooring choice. In fact, pine floors date back all the way to Colonial America, when early colonists used wide-cut pine boards to cover their floors. These floors were made up of regional pine species—Eastern white pine and pumpkin pine in the Northeast, and longleaf pine in the South. Today, most pine floors in the US are made of white pine, although some older homes do feature amazing pumpkin pine floors. And while pine is a softwood rather than a hardwood (like oak or maple), it’s still a durable and practical choice for home flooring. 

Bleach Wooden Floors Featured Image

Can You Bleach Wooden Floors? Yes! Here’s How.

Can you bleach wooden floors? You betcha! We know, you might be surprised to hear that most types of wood flooring can be bleached. It’s an easy method to correct water stains and discoloration—common issues for even the most durable wood flooring. But unless you’re rocking some type of super water-resistant wood flooring, spills and stains are gonna happen.