Fredrick Otto Jr., Author at FlooringStores

Author: Fredrick Otto Jr.

The 13 Most Durable Wood Flooring Options

You’ve weighed the pros and cons of hardwood, and you’ve decided that you need some beautiful wood floors—but not just any types of wood flooring will do. You need the most durable wood flooring around. Maybe you have kids; maybe you have overactive animals; maybe they’re one and the same (if so, we sympathize). Whatever the case, your hardwood floors need to stand up to abuse for years to come. So where do you go from here? How do you find out which wood species are the most durable?

Snap-Together Tile Flooring: Is It Right for You?

Snap-together tile is taking the flooring industry by storm. But why are these porcelain floating floors are so popular? And are they right for your home? Well, picture this: You’re in a dream. Beautiful tile installed all across your home. Then, the dream fades into a nightmare as all you see is tile stacked higher than the eye can see. It’s waiting to be laid. But there’s no one there to lay it!

The 10 Best Hardwood Floors For Your Home

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but every soul on earth knows that hardwood floors are gorgeous. And there are so many choices when it comes to picking the best hardwood floors! o you want finished or unfinished wood? Engineered or solid? Oak, maple, mahogany, or… sorry. We’re getting carried away now. We just love hardwood.

Bamboo Flooring vs. Laminate: Which to Buy?

So you’ve made it to the peak of your flooring journey, and now you’re left with your final decision: bamboo flooring vs. laminate flooring. It’s like choosing between a leather couch and a recliner. They’re both super comfy and amazing in their own ways, but one is generally thought to be a bit superior to the other.