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Best Carpet Pad

The Best Carpet Pad: Is It Worth It?

This post may contain references or links to products from one or more partners of our parent company and/or subsidiaries of our parent company. For more information, visit this page. March 24, 2022 There are a lot of different types of carpet padding available, but what’s the best carpet pad? We’re here to answer that very […]

Carpet Manufacturers FI

Carpet Manufacturers: FAQs and Reviews

Carpet manufacturers—carpet brands: is there a difference? And if so: what is it?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to talk about!

Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions about carpet manufacturers, including where they’re located, what kind of production practices they use, as well as a quick breakdown of some of the best carpet brands you can buy from.

best carpet for bedrooms featured image

What’s the Best Carpet for Bedrooms?

You know that carpet is a great bedroom flooring choice. But: which carpet is the best carpet for bedrooms?

Is it berber carpet? Plush? Frieze? What about nylon or triexta?
And of course, which of the best carpet brands make good bedroom carpet? You have questions—and we have answers!

In this guide, you’ll find all the pros and cons of putting carpet in a bedroom. Then, we’ll go over which carpets make the best carpets for bedrooms, plus features to look out for. Finally, we’ll go over some FAQs to clear up any lingering confusion.

Best carpet for pets featured image of a labrador puppy looking up from stained carpet

The Best Carpet for Pets: Brands and Advice

If you’re looking for the best carpet for pets, you’ve found the right place!
In this article, we’ll cover all there is to know about pet-friendly carpet. Specifically, we’ll explain:
whether carpet is a good choice for pets in the first place, what features make a carpet the best carpet for dogs and cats, and
most importantly, the best carpet brands for pets and the specific products they sell!

Best Carpet for Stairs

What’s the Best Carpet for Stairs?

It’s fairly common knowledge that you can put carpet on stairs, but what’s the best carpet for stairs? Do you have to use a high traffic carpet for stairs? Or can a comfier carpet do the same job? We know you have a lot of questions, so we created this guide to help!