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LifeProof Vinyl Flooring Reviews Featured Image

LifeProof Vinyl Flooring Reviews: Is It Worth It?

Let’s talk a bit about LifeProof vinyl flooring! Home Depot’s in-house brand is relatively inexpensive, decently durable, and increasingly popular. But is it one of the best types of vinyl flooring out there? That’s a loaded question—and to be fair to LifeProof, it requires a thorough response. 

Tarkett laminate flooring featured image of a kitchen with laminate floors

Tarkett Laminate Flooring Review: Worth Buying?

Tarkett laminate flooring probably isn’t the first choice that pops up when you look for the best laminate flooring brands. In fact, Tarkett is a rather obscure brand, at least in terms of residential flooring. So you’re probably wondering: is it any good?

That’s exactly what we’re here to find out!

Below you’ll find a comprehensive guide based on thorough research and the input of hundreds of Tarkett laminate flooring reviews.

vinyl plank flooring in a full bathroom

Can Vinyl Plank Flooring Go in a Bathroom?

It’s a serious question: can vinyl plank flooring go in a bathroom? We hear you, we have your back, and we’re not wasting any time! Below we’re explaining all the pros and cons of using LVP in a bathroom, going over a few of the best vinyl plank flooring brands, and to wrap things up, answering any and all lingering questions! 

Stain Resistant Carpet

The Best Stain-Resistant Carpet: Does It Work?

Stain-resistant carpet is marketed by some of the best carpet brands as the solution for pets and messy households. But how well does it actually hold up? We’re here to answer that very question! In this guide, you’ll find all there is to know about the best stain-resistant carpet products.

Vinyl Flooring Manufacturers

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Manufacturers + Brands: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve ever deep-dived into the best vinyl plank flooring brands, you might have noticed that some of their products are actually made by different luxury vinyl flooring manufacturers.