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October 8, 2021

If you’ve been searching for the best laminate flooring brands, you’ve definitely come across Pergo Outlast Plus. And that means you’re probably itching to read some Pergo Outlast reviews.

We get it—flooring is a big purchase, and you want to make sure you buy the right product for your home. So: is Pergo Outlast Plus worth buying? It’s… a tricky question. 

See, Pergo is a tried-and-true brand—but Pergo Outlast (or technically speaking, Pergo Outlast Plus) is a Home Depot exclusive. And if you know anything about big box store exclusive products, you know that they don’t always offer the best quality. So how does Pergo Outlast Plus perform?

After looking through hundreds (seriously) of Pergo Outlast reviews and dissecting the floor’s warranty and care instructions, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide. Below, we’ll go into all the product’s features, answer all the most commonly asked questions about it, and give you a full list of Pergo Outlast pros and cons—created with info taken from real buyer reviews.

So: do Pergo Outlast reviews indicate that it’s a product worth buying? Let’s find out!

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A Quick Refresher on Laminate Flooring

We’re going to talk about a lot of technical laminate terms below, so let’s start with the basics. What are laminate floors? They’re what you get when you want the look of prefinished hardwood flooring but don’t want to shell out for the cost of wood flooring.

Laminate is a composite floor that combines a fiberboard base with a photorealistic image and protective coating. The result is a product that’s highly durable, affordable, and looks just like wood (or, in some cases, tile). 

From light wood floors like pine flooring to jet-black marble tile, laminate can mimic it all—and often at a fraction of the cost. 

For example, if you want hickory flooring but don’t want to deal with its rough installation or high price tag, laminate can give you a hickory look—but it’s some of the easiest flooring to install, and cheaper to boot! Win-win.

Shop By Brand

Take a look at the floor selections offered by our most trusted brands and find the one that excels at meeting your needs.

Pergo Actually Invented Laminate Flooring

Pergo invented laminate flooring back in the 1970s, and it’s still one of the best laminate floor brands around. 

This long-term success has even encouraged Pergo to branch out to other types of flooring, like hardwood and vinyl plank (see our Pergo Extreme reviews for more info on that).

Pergo Makes 10+ Different Lines of Laminate (Including Pergo Outlast Plus)

In addition to Pergo Outlast Plus, the brand offers 10 other laminate collections that can be broken into three categories:

  • Home Depot exclusives: XP, Outlast Plus, Defense Plus
  • Lowes exclusives: TimberCraft and Portfolio
  • Independent retailers: 6 varieties of Elements

So: What Is Pergo Outlast Plus?

Pergo Outlast Plus is a mid-range laminate flooring option. It’s not quite geared towards budget buyers, but it also lacks some of the prominent features you’d generally find with the top laminate flooring products.

Pergo Outlast Plus Is a Home Depot Exclusive

Again, Outlast Plus is one of three Home Depot-exclusive lives on Pergo Laminate. It’s superior to Home Depot’s non-waterproof Pergo XP line, but lacks the added antimicrobial coating that Home Depot’s Pergo Defense Plus collection offers. 

Otherwise, Outlast Plus compares well to most other Pergo laminate floors. The only current exceptions are the premium version of Pergo’s Elements line and Lowes’ TimberCraft (our Pergo TimberCraft reviews explain why it’s another solid choice). 

Despite the Name, Pergo Outlast Plus is the Only Version of Pergo Outlast

To clear up any confusion, we want to highlight that there are no other versions of Pergo Outlast. 

While the “Plus” part seems to hint at the existence of a Pergo Outlast Standard or some other non-Plus variety, it seems that Pergo just has a weird fixation on positivity (which is good, we guess). 

It Features Mohawk’s SpillProtect Technology (for Water Resistance)

If you compare the specs of Pergo Outlast Plus to other types of Mohawk laminate flooring, you’ll notice that they share a lot of the same features. SpillProtect and WetProtect technology, for instance, seem eerily similar. 

Some lines of Costco laminate flooring even share this technology! 

How can that be? How do these different brands have the same proprietary features?

As it turns out, Mohawk purchased Pergo in 2011 and has since integrated the two brands’ special technologies!

Anyway, SpillProtect is a special coating that gives laminate flooring—which usually gets ruined by water—protection from liquids by creating a watertight seal once the floor is installed. Naturally, Mohawk uses this (and its more advanced WetProtect coating) in its own floors to great effect, too. 

And Pergo Outlast Plus Has a Very Solid AC4 Rating

Backing up for a quick second: all laminate flooring has an AC rating, which basically measures how durable the floor’s wear layer is on a scale of 1–5. The higher the rating, the stronger and more scratch-resistant the floor will be. 

An AC4 rating, which is what Pergo Outlast Plus has, is comparable to what the best vinyl flooring offers, and is rated for both residential and light commercial use. 

Despite the durability, Pergo Outlast reviews point out that the floor is still pretty comfortable to walk on, comparing it favorably to extra-comfortable types of vinyl like WPC flooring.

Is Pergo Outlast Plus Really Waterproof?

A great question! If you know anything about waterproof laminate flooring, then you know that with the exception of super waterproof products like AquaGuard flooring or RevWood, many “waterproof” laminates are more… well, you could call them water-resistant.

As in, they’re fine with spills, but aren’t generally rated to last days in standing water. Pergo Outlast Plus is no different. It shouldn’t be submerged, but it will survive the occasional spill (as its SpillProtect coating would suggest).

Pergo WetProtect and SpillProtect Are Not the Same

Remember when we mentioned that Pergo TimberCraft is comparable—but not the same—as Outlast Plus? This is one reason why. 

Mohawk offers two different water-resistant coatings: SpillProtect and WetProtect. The only major difference is that WetProtect is designed for more intense spills and water resistance. But of course, it costs more. TimberCraft features WetProtect, while Outlast features SpillProtect. 

Either way, Pergo Outlast reviews seem to agree—the floor will hold up to spills, but not to being submerged.

SpillProtect’s Waterproofing Isn’t as Intense as WetProtect’s

Plain and simple: a WetProtect wear layer is more waterproof than a SpillProtect layer (what Outlast Plus uses). If you dump a gallon of water on your floor (terrible idea, by the way), it’ll seep through a SpillProtect coating quicker. 

However, that doesn’t mean that floors with WetProtect are fully protected from liquids. Standing water can still damage these floors.

Translation: If You Want True Waterproof Flooring, LVP Is Better

Waterproof vinyl flooring offers better protection against liquids than laminates with SpillProtect, WetProtect, or any kind of waterproofing. 

Laminate relies almost entirely on its wear layer for liquid protection; if the core layer gets wet it can still expand, warp, and crack. On the other hand, PVC flooring is fully waterproof.

How Many Styles Does Pergo Outlast Plus Come In?

Officially, Pergo Outlast Plus offers 48 total styles mimicking a wide variety of hardwood species, all of which come in a wide-plank wood flooring look. 

All the staples are offered (think oak, maple, etc.) and they even offer a sexy “black oak” style that looks just like ebony flooring

Oh, but the reason we say “officially” is because it seems like Pergo (and/or Home Depot) rotates the available styles regularly, possibly based on location. Either way, you can expect to see just shy of 50 styles.

How Do You Install Pergo Outlast Plus?

Pergo Outlast Reviews Installing Laminate Flooring

There’s only one way to install Pergo Outlast Plus: as a click-together floating floor. 

What is a floating floor? It’s an install method that either uses a locking system or rubber backings (like loose lay vinyl plank flooring) to secure a floor in place instead of attaching it to the subfloor with glue or nails. Either way, gravity and friction do most of the work. 

The only major disadvantages of floating floors is that they may amplify sound a little more and they may need to be replaced sooner than their nail or glue-down counterparts—which is why most commercial spaces these days sport glue-down vinyl plank flooring rather than floating vinyl plank flooring

Oh, and they may be a little more vulnerable to excessive humidity (us too). 

Outlast Plus Uses Mohawk’s UniClic Snap-Together Locking System

Pergo Outlast Plus uses Mohawk’s UniClic snap-together flooring technology. As click-lock systems go, UniClic is relatively popular with both contractors and DIY flooring enthusiasts because it’s reliable and easy to install. 

Basically, grooves in the side of each plank snap tightly together, creating a seamless surface that “floats” on the subfloor.

The only downside: this locking system can get in the way of creating unique designs. So, if you wanted to try out different wood floor patterns with your new Pergo laminate, you might want to choose a glue-down option instead (unless you don’t mind modifying each plank). 

Just Remember: It’s Important to Leave an Expansion Gap (That Can Be Covered With Moldings)

Don’t worry, we’re not sounding any alarms here! Most floors need an expansion gap between them and the surrounding walls. 

This lets the floor expand and contract with environmental changes (think temperature or humidity spikes) without any real risk of breaking the floor. This is why moldings (which cover expansion gaps) are so common. 

Also: the expansion gap only needs to be about ⅜ of an inch wide.

Pergo Outlast Reviews Stress That the Subfloor Should Be Perfectly Even

Again, this isn’t cause for worry! Even the best laminate flooring brands need (near) perfect subfloors to look their best.

If you’re wondering what subflooring is, it’s what’s underneath your floor! Blemishes in the subflooring tend to show in laminate (and other types of flooring), especially if you’re installing with a click-lock system. So if you want a crisp, uniform look, you’ll want to make sure your subfloor is perfectly level. 

But You Don’t Need to Buy an Underlayment (One Comes Pre-attached)

Most floors need some sort of underlayment to preserve their integrity long-term. Pergo Outlast Plus is no different, but fortunately, it comes with one pre-attached so you don’t have to buy one yourself—unless, of course, you want a specific product. 

Pergo recommends using their attached underlayment but it won’t void the warranty if you choose another option. Just be sure that whatever you choose is compatible with laminate (even underlayment for vinyl flooring may work). One cool option: magnetic underlayment that turns your laminate into magnetic flooring!

You May Want to Hire a Contractor to Install Pergo Outlast Plus, Though

Pergo Outlast reviews paint a mixed picture on DIY installations. 

On one hand, installing Pergo Outlast Plus is still a heck of a lot easier than installing DIY wood floors (do you know how to install hardwood floors? It’s not a walk in the park). 

But on the other hand, Pergo Outlast reviews point out that installation isn’t as simple as Pergo makes it sound—though to be fair, DIY floor installations are never easy. More importantly, if you mess up, you could void your warranty

As such: we recommend hiring a contractor. The increased cost may be groan-worthy, but you’ll be thankful if something ever goes wrong with the floor and Pergo accepts your warranty claim!

How Much Does Pergo Outlast Plus Cost?

Pergo Outlast Plus costs about $2.70/sq. ft. for materials alone.

For comparison, if you’re buying a hardwood floor, material costs will usually clock in between $3 and $10/sq. ft. for common domestic species (think hickory or oak) and over $15/sq. ft. for more exotic types of wood flooring.

And Pergo Outlast Reviews Say Installation Costs Are About Average

Depending on factors like location and contractor skill, the cost to install laminate flooring usually ranges between $2 and $6/sq. ft. (which is about the same as the cost to install LVP). 

Fortunately, Pergo Outlast reviews don’t note anything outside of this range!

Going back to our hardwood comparison, the cost to install engineered hardwood flooring ranges between $3 and $8/sq. ft. And of course, the best engineered wood flooring also tends to be a lot harder to install than laminate because it’s tougher to cut and place.

How Do You Clean and Maintain Pergo Outlast Plus?

Pergo Outlast Reviews Cleaning Laminate Flooring
Cleaning laminate flooring

Cleaning waterproof laminate flooring is actually pretty easy! Normal laminate tends to have special care requirements, but Pergo Outlast reviews (and the care instructions) note that you can clean the flooring with a mop if you like. 

However, Pergo recommends using ⅓ cup of ammonia and a gallon of water for the best results (but this is optional).

The Pros and Cons of Pergo Outlast Plus

There’s a lot to like about Pergo Outlast Plus, but it’s not perfect. Let’s take a look!

The Advantages of Pergo Outlast Plus

Starting with the positives, Pergo Outlast reviews have mostly good things to say about this Home Depot exclusive. Here are some of the advantages of Pergo Outlast.

Pergo Outlast Reviews Are Pretty Good (Especially for the Price)

Considering that Pergo Outlast Plus can be bought for less than $3/sq. ft., it’s a little surprising that the floor has so many good reviews. Now, don’t go thinking this is top-of-line, superman-level laminate but it does offer decent bang for your buck.

It’s Durable 

The AC4 rating goes a long way in ensuring dent and scratch resistance, but it’s not perfect. 

Pergo Outlast reviews say it compares well to mid-level vinyl plank brands like SmartCore flooring or NuCore flooring, (and surpasses even the most durable wood flooring). 

But, it’s not better than high-end hardwood floor substitutes like Proximity Mills or Karndean vinyl plank flooring

That said, Pergo Outlast Plus is still laminate—and even the best laminate flooring will have trouble competing with vinyl plank in terms of durability.

Pergo Outlast Reviews Also Note the Floor’s Water Resistance

Pergo Outlast reviews are fond of the floor’s SpillProtect protection. As we said, there are better waterproof laminate options out there—but Pergo Outlast Plus will probably handle water better than water-resistant wood flooring

So: you can still use it for light-duty mudroom flooring, as long as you clean up any water promptly!

The Residential Warranty Is Great…

There aren’t any big surprises in Pergo Outlast Plus’ warranty. Install it properly, avoid using any harsh cleaning chemicals, keep it out of extreme environmental conditions, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

…And the Commercial Warranty Isn’t Bad Either

Pergo Outlast Plus’ 10-year commercial warranty is pretty decent, too. It’s a light commercial warranty, but the floor is approved for retail spaces, hotels, and business offices—all of which are usually associated with regular foot traffic. 

Finally: Pergo Outlast Plus Won’t Fade From Sunlight

Through all the Pergo Outlast reviews we checked out, we really didn’t find any complaints of fading—even in direct sunlight (so it’s great for sunroom flooring). Even better: if your Pergo Outlast Plus does fade, it’s covered by the warranty!

The Disadvantages of Pergo Outlast Plus

Pergo Outlast Plus has pretty good reviews but it’s important to remember that this is still a mid-range floor. As such, Pergo Outlast reviews do point out some regular flaws. 

Pergo Outlast Reviews Suggest the Floor Is a Little Prone to Scratching

One of the only complaints we found in Pergo Outlast reviews was that Outlast Plus isn’t the most scratch-resistant flooring ever. It’s still good—but not the best

Recognizing this, Pergo recommends using entry mats and felt pads for furniture legs—which, to be fair, is common advice.

So what’s the short version? Pergo Outlast Plus probably isn’t the best flooring for dogs or high-traffic areas but it does perform well for its price.

Outlast Should NOT Be Installed in Areas Without Climate Control

Here we come to a bit of a technicality.

More than a few Pergo Outlast reviews mention installing their flooring without climate control and not having any problems. Which is great, right? Well, doing so also violates the warranty. While you might be able to get away with installing Pergo Outlast Plus in a spot without climate control, risking your warranty may not be the smartest move.

On that note, we should mention that Pergo laminate is not an outdoor flooring option. If you want hardwood alternatives that can go outside, we recommend concrete flooring that looks like wood, wood-look tile, or possibly outdoor vinyl flooring (if you can find a wood-look option).

There Are No Stone or Tile Looks

One weird thing about Pergo Outlast Plus is that there isn’t a single style option that mimics types of tile like porcelain or natural stone (right now, anyway). 

On the other hand, this isn’t that uncommon for laminate flooring. And Pergo does offer a full spectrum of wood floor colors, so maybe we’re being a little nitpicky with this one.

Pergo Outlast Plus Doesn’t Mention Any Low-VOC or Eco-Friendly Certifications

If you’re looking for environmentally-friendly flooring, laminate might not be your answer. Most products don’t biodegrade fully—and more importantly, lower-end products can emit VOCs (or volatile organic compounds), which can cause health issues.

As such, many higher-end manufacturers have pivoted to only making non-toxic laminate flooring and other low-VOC flooring options. 

That’s why it’s so surprising that neither Pergo’s website nor Home Depot’s website mentions anything about low-VOC or eco-friendly certifications.

Again: we’re not saying that Pergo Outlast Plus contains VOCs—something other prominent flooring brands like Armstrong and LL Flooring can’t say (check out our Armstrong laminate flooring reviews for info on that front). We just think it’s odd that they don’t mention having these important certifications.

So: if eco-friendly flooring is important to you (and you don’t feel like going the sustainable wood flooring or hemp flooring route), you may want to go with another product.

Of course, laminate isn’t the worst eco offender: one of the worst disadvantages of vinyl plank flooring is that even low-VOC vinyl flooring options still take a heavy toll on sustainability (the floor is plastic after all). So: pros and cons, right?

Pergo Outlast Reviews Do Not Recommend Home Depot’s Installers

We’ll say it again: Pergo Outlast reviews do not recommend that you use Home Depot’s installers. 

That’s because Home Depot doesn’t actually install the floor. Rather, they contract out to 3rd party installers. And that means—if Pergo Outlast reviews are to be believed—issues can (and do) arise. 

Plus: if you want your Pergo Outlast Plus to be installed with cool wood floor designs (like herringbone parquet flooring), a 3rd-party box store contractor might not be the best option.

Again: this isn’t only an issue with Home Depot. The same is true for any box store. 

Pergo Outlast Plus FAQs

Before we wrap up, here’s a little more info we’ve rounded up from Pergo Outlast reviews.

Can You Install Pergo Outlast Plus Over Radiant Heating?

You can install Pergo Outlast Plus over some types of radiant heating for flooring. This is definitely something you’ll want to talk to your contractor about though, just to be safe. And when we say contractor, we do not mean the 3rd-party jabronis from Home Depot. 

Is Pergo Better Than Other Laminates?

Pergo makes better products than budget brands like TrafficMaster flooring (another Home Depot exclusive), no question. That said, premium products like Shaw laminate flooring may offer superior performance. The trade-off is that Shaw is also more expensive.

Is Pergo Laminate Better Than Hardwood?

This is a tough question and one that speaks to the laminate vs. hardwood floor (or engineered hardwood vs. laminate) debate more than it does to Pergo specifically. 

The disadvantages of engineered wood (and solid wood, for that matter) mostly come down to price and water resistance. Wood floors cost a lot. And despite the hefty investment, you still can’t get wood floors wet (unless you buy a special waterproof hardwood flooring product). 

Even teak flooring, which is naturally resistant to water damage, will get ruined if it’s not properly cared for.

Waterproof laminates like Pergo Outlast Plus fix both issues—but at the end of the day, it’s not authentic hardwood (which many buyers don’t like). 

Long-term, however, the cost to refinish hardwood flooring may be more agreeable than completely replacing laminate flooring (which tends to last 15-25 years, on average). 

All that’s to say it comes down to personal preference! There are a lot of reasons to like both!

What About PVC? Is Pergo Laminate Better Than Vinyl Plank/Tile?

The debate between vinyl plank vs. laminate is an easier question. Pergo Outlast reviews are certainly better than reviews for budget LVP brands like LifeProof vinyl flooring, but it’s hard to trust laminate over the best vinyl plank flooring brands—especially when it comes to high-end vinyl products like EVP flooring.

How Long Does Pergo Outlast Plus Last?

Pergo Outlast Plus should last at least 15 to 25 years.

Quick sidenote: going back to our hardwood vs. laminate debate, the best hardwood floors can last for many decades if properly maintained and refinished.

If Pergo Outlast Is Only Water Resistant, Can It Be Used in Bathrooms?

Pergo Outlast Plus may not offer the waterproofing abilities of rigid core luxury vinyl flooring, but there’s no reason you can’t use it for a wood-floor-bathroom look! 

If you’re worried about it, just be sure to dry your floor within a reasonable amount of time if it gets wet. That said, we’d recommend it much more for a half bath than a full bath that’s prone to splashing.

Conclusion: Is Pergo Outlast Plus Good? Pergo Outlast Reviews Say It’s Decent!

Pergo Outlast Plus is a mid-range flooring product aimed at the sweet spot between budget buyers and the luxury market. While Outlast Plus makes minor sacrifices in terms of durability, the flooring is a solid choice for residences and small commercial spaces. 

Overall, Pergo Outlast reviews say this is a fake wood flooring option worth considering. On the other hand, premium laminate floors like RevWood or even high-end LVP options like Proximity Mills aren’t that much more expensive. 

The Issue Isn’t The Flooring (Which is Solid)—It’s Home Depot’s Installers

In any case, the only real issue with Pergo Outlast Plus comes down to the installers. Like we said, big box stores hire 3rd-party installers to put in their floors. And when you’re dealing with a many-thousand-dollar investment (like flooring), that might not be something you want. To that end, while Pergo Outlast Plus reviews say the product itself is good, we might go with a non-Home-Depot installer instead.

Plus, Other Pergo Products (From Different Stores) Aren’t Much More Expensive

Pergo sells many Elements lines through top-rated independent flooring stores for a price that’s similar to Pergo Outlast Plus. And when you buy from independent flooring stores, you know you’re getting top-notch installers, too. Just something to keep in mind!

Whatever you choose, we hope this article was helpful! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to write to us in the comments or by clicking on this link. Good luck on your flooring journey and, for more flooring ideas, check out:


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